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Landing page texts

Development of the structure and text content of the landing page by marketing analysis to meet customer needs.

Selling texts

Texts for sites, forums, presentations, commercial offers to turn the reader into a customer.

Information articles

Cognitive materials to help the client to see the company's expertise and professionalism.

PR materials

Press releases, info drives, media publications created to improve the company's visibility and customer loyalty.

SEO texts

Optimized materials for specific key queries that the customer searches you or your product in Google and Yandex.

Text content

Product description, services, catalog for the site.

SMM materials

Presentation materials and selling texts for pages and groups on Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn, Instagram

Texts for mailing

E-mail materials and distribution in Viber, telegram, and other messengers built on the sales funnel principle.


Financial topics Articles

Analytics on FOREX fraud in "Arguments and Facts"

An example of a company's native advertising in major media


Sale of restaurant business in France

Landing page for a company that provides restaurant consulting services


Overview of investment tools available to Ukrainians. With examples

Example of a PR article for a brokerage company in the media


Overview of the functionality and advantages of the broker FXPlus24

FOREX Broker Description Example


Want to order finance articles for a magazine? Are you looking for authors who will prepare professional content for the site and enhance your benefits in the eyes of the client? Our studio already knows your needs and tasks. Test our skills with the work examples. Order copywriting on this topic is easy – get in touch with the listed contacts!

Auto topics Articles

Key differences between tosol and antifreeze

Sample text about consumable fluids for cars


Choice of fuel pumps

Description of the categories of goods of the online store of fuel pumps


Condensate drain and filter replacement for LPG 4

Native ads for a gas station search app


DUCATI MotoGP Team revenue review

Sample informational text on auto topics


Want to order content for a site on auto topics? We have experience writing articles of any profile and direction of this goods and services niche See for yourself by looking at examples. Order copywriting remotely in Ukraine and Chernihiv at an affordable price from experts in your business!

Construction topics Articles

Imported facade tiles

Description of the section of the online store of building materials


Features of solid fuel boilers STROPUVA

Sample description of the characteristics of electrical equipment


Benefits of ordering furniture from a design studio

Benefits of ordering custom kitchens


Overview of decorative paint with effects

Sample article about building materials


Need clear, simple, and interesting content? Want to order construction texts? Firstly, make sure that the copywriter services from DriveFoxCopy will solve your problems. Check out the portfolio of our narrow specialized materials. You will understand that you have turned to experts in your branch.

IT topics Articles

Analytics FinTech market of Ukraine

FinTech trends for the MFI market in 2018


Who is in the TOP mobile developers of Runet in 2017?

Sample press release for an IT company


Advantages of Linux server setup services from a specialist

Sample article about web services


Platform for cooperation between metal producers and buyers

IT platform landing


Are you looking for IT texts? Need not just an author, but a person who knows the designers, programmers, and developers language? Here, you will receive services to help your company emphasize your business’s status, literacy, and professionalism. See how we’ve done this for other IT companies.

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Remote internet marketer work allows you not just to study regularly. It is a great opportunity to share thoughts, ideas, assumptions, issues, and axioms of the digital world. Especially if the copywriter and marketer is one person. Read, get acquainted, discuss!

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