Advertising Copywriting

What is Advertising Copywriting?

In fact, there is no “copywriting” direction in the profession classification. According to the Western definition, copywriting is the creation of textual material.

Domestic specialists have already adapted this area of ​​activity for each of them. You can often find the copywriting analogy with writing texts on the site, filling out product cards or creating promotional materials.

Dispel the myth! Copywriting is the creation of any coherent text. Therefore, there are some areas of this art.

Advertising copywriting is the creation of textual materials and articles of advertising nature.

Advertising copywriting includes:

  • presentations;
  • business cards and postcards;
  • advertising texts in the print media;
  • articles in electronic media of an advertising nature;
  • texts for commercials and banners.

Unlike a commercial text, which “sells” a brand, company, specialist, product, or service, advertising text presents everything at once.

There are 2 main types of advertising copywriting:

  1. Direct.

Example: The BOSCH SKS51E22EU dishwasher will satisfy all needs of the modern housewife. The brand has been producing built-in appliances for over 10 years and has studied the consumer’s wishes, so universal appliances at a reasonable price with a 5-year warranty will be irreplaceable in your kitchen.

  1. Native (hidden advertising).

Example: “Agrobudpostach” company, which has been operating in the agricultural machinery market since 1996, conducted a study of the Ukrainian grain market and identified farmers’ key needs in professional equipment. Only 3 out of 10 farmers automate wheat processing with grain shredders, increasing net income by 12% annually. Almost 70% of private rural land is still harvested by large companies, resulting in a net loss at the market value of more than 26% of the harvest.

If in the first case we directly sell the company’s products on behalf of the manufacturer, in the second we represent the company as an expert in the field and as if hinting the need to buy (if such a well-known and reputable company says that “products” are good and it is bad without it , then you need to buy).

What Are the Benefits of Advertising Articles?

Let’s go from the opposite. According to a joint study by PwC and IAB Russia, “Russian market of interactive advertising 2017-2020”, in 2018, the budgets of digital advertisers increased by 22.7%, in 2019 by 19.3%, and in 2020 will increase by 17%.

If advertising articles did not work, they would not be budgeted. But what are the benefits?

  1. Mention of the brand. The more often a brand is heard, the more it is trusted. That is why, as we have known for decades, big corporations devote up to 30% of their annual budget to reputational marketing, i.e., to maintain the purity of the brand name.
  2. Promotion of innovations. Do you remember how everyone switched from push-button phones to smartphones? Sales of market leaders would not have fallen if not for the development of smart Americans, who at that time created capacious screens. Before the product went on sale (LG Prada), the technology itself was advertised for almost 10 months.
  3. Growing demand. This applies to all product groups: goods of specific demand and those purchased regularly.
  4. Increasing customer loyalty. The more often your brand and your product are mentioned online, the more customers associate you and the product. So, you have a higher chance of getting into the basket of customers who have doubts about the choice.

And these are simply the most essential advantages that apply to all types of goods and services. But each company sets its own goals and tasks for advertising copywriting.

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