Coronavirus and Remote Work: Top 10 Copywriter Sites to Find Artists

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work became a necessity. Demand for sites to search for artists, including — copywriters in Ukraine and abroad, has increased. Millions of companies interested in hiring online content professionals are concerned about where better to order articles.

Looking for a copywriter online: Honestly About the Popular Sites


Advego – a content provider for various web resources. Combines the site functions of the author’s content, where articles are written to order or sold in the store, and programs to check the uniqueness, spelling, and semantics. This is one of Ukraine’s most famous copywriting sites, yet not without flaws. Among them are a ban on cooperation outside the exchange, which loses the commission on payments, many newcomers, and a high withdrawal limit. – copywriting and rewriting exchange with the option to check literacy and plagiarism. The advantage for employers – ready-made articles is strictly moderated to weed out inexperienced and illiterate authors. Finding an honest performer simplifies the rating, which is regularly updated, but difficulties with cooperation are not excluded.


TextSale is an exchange shop where ready-made texts on various topics are presented. It is easy to find the author both on the TOP and advertising on the main page. This site is suitable for hiring copywriters from russia, Ukraine, and other countries. Similar to Advego: 90% are “green” authors, but even with experienced ones, it will not be possible to continue cooperation by bypassing the exchange through the commission.


TurboText offers a standard set of copywriting services. The service selects authors according to a test task with 2 stages: an exam that determines literacy and a random topic essay. The shortcomings are mainly organizational in nature – the functionality and order distribution system needs to be improved.


Workzilla – a platform that guarantees secure transactions for a commission. Competent arbitration quickly resolves disputes. It is easy to face price dumping, resulting in useless service and broken deadlines. Disadvantages include the lack of a portfolio and the need to register to view profiles.


Copylancer is a site that simplifies the selection of copywriters from/outside Ukraine. Buying fifty articles in a group will fill your web resource in a week. Tasks are sent through an auction, where the price is formed. According to regular customers, the disadvantages are the high cost compared to similar services.


Etxt is a content store and space for free orders. Prices vary – you can buy an article for 5 UAH/1000 characters, but if you save, you will get poor-quality text: the rule “the more expensive, the better” can be applied to freelance exchanges. Disadvantages: a ban on viewing the article before purchase; refund difficulties – you must prove that the text is poor quality.

To sites for copywriters like Workhard, customers from Ukraine get a guarantee of timely delivery – sanctions are applied for the delay. But a freelancer has the right to request an auto-extension for a day. According to employers who buy standard SEO texts: the authors do not always indicate the keys, making it difficult to verify the occurrences.


Miratext is a content exchange with prices depending on the artist’s level. At the service, you can ask for the help of a consultant or hire a manager, transferring to them the project responsibilities. To use the services of a pro or master, you have to invest a round sum.


ContentMonster is a professional content platform where there are significantly fewer newcomers. The administration reimburses the project cost if the quality of implementation does not meet the requirements. There are a few disadvantages, but there is, for example, inconvenient text formatting in the built-in order editor.

So, working on a freelance site with copywriters in Ukraine, you buy a “cat in a bag.” If you need a guarantee of 100% literacy, uniqueness, and timely submission of articles, contact the content studio DriveFoxCopy: we work officially on mutually beneficial contractual terms and have an extensive portfolio.. We will help to establish business even at a distance!

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