Cost of Copywriting Services: How to Determine Whether the Game Is Worth The Candles

In the age of digital transformation, copywriting services are not a whim but a necessity. More than 70% of companies are looking for third-party specialists to implement a content strategy. Because quality content increases site conversion by 7,8 times, the cost of copywriting pays off 100%. Let’s consider the pricing policy of outsourced copywriters.

Price Dynamics in the Copywriting Market

The customer faces a difficult choice: to hire a performer in the staff, contact an advertising agency, or a copywriting exchange. Choosing one way or another, you need to understand that the price-quality match, especially if you want to save, will be strikingly different.

For example, we take the data from Freelancehunt, where prices are listed according to the current price lists for freelance services. The average cost of copyright on the stock exchange is UAH 100 ($4) per hour and UAH 5,000 ($175) per month in 2021. The standard rate for the article is UAH 177 ($7). Counting 1,000 characters without spaces is more apparent in a copywriting environment: here, we see a stable UAH 50 ($2).

If we consider the narrow areas of work with texts, we get the following value (in UAH and dollars, the amount calculated for 1,000 CWS, unless otherwise stated, as of April 2021):

  • thematic articles – 53₴/$2;
  • scripts – 100₴/$4;
  • naming, slogans – 100₴/$4 per option;
  • ads – 35₴/$1 per piece;
  • editorial and proofreading support – 40₴/$1;
  • rewrite – 40₴/$1;
  • educational materials (essays, diplomas) – 60₴/$2;
  • fiction texts – 177₴/$7 per piece;
  • complex technical documents – 400₴/$14 per project.

If you are relieved to see the cost of freelance copywriting, do not rush to rejoice. The point is not to save money but to have fruitful cooperation. Be prepared that the services of a “cheap” copywriter will not give the desired result.

Let’s consider the prices (at the current price rate) set by Peter Panda, owner of a business copywriting studio and author of books on the art of writing: for texts for the site and selling articles – UAH 1,500 ($51), small format – UAH 890 ($32) for text, SMM – UAH 540 ($19) per post. The difference in the price between a professnoticeablend a beginner is noticeable.

Popular types of copywriting according to the companies’ goals

  • Small Format: announcements, news, letters to customers and SMS-mailings, greetings.
  • Creative and Media: scripts, video descriptions for channels, mottos, slogans for startups, humor, and poems for entertainment sites.
  • PR: image creation: texts of speeches for speakers, media materials, interviews, PR content.
  • SMM (the cost of this copyright is the lowest compared to others): short posts to attract customers on social networks.
  • SEO: for companies that want to go to the top search engines in 2 months.
  • Sale: for commercial sites for advertising purposes, Landing Page, description of products and categories for online stores, and sales scripts.
  • Technical: a complex type of copywriting for manufacturing and industrial enterprises: technical articles with highly specialized terminology.

Top Five Skills: What a Copywriter Should Do to Make Articles Profitable

Basic copywriting skills to look for

  1. Information analysis. It is impossible to understand all the topics, so the ability to quickly search and analyze data comes in handy. Evaluate not the cost of the experience level of experience, then the cooperation will be fruitful.
  2. Have different writing styles. In addition to literacy, the ability to apply techniques correctly, adapt to the audience, writing in simple or technical language is valued. This builds TA’s loyalty and trust in your company.
  3. Know the basics of SEO. Understanding the principles of optimization is the key to useful articles. Your candidate should see the difference between HF and LF queries, be able to structure articles, place keys, and check SEO indicators on web services.
  4. Work with complex content. There is no price for an executor who understands that articles for online media should differ from texts for a blog and knows the rules of publishing on online platforms.
  5. Marketing thinking. It’s even better if your employee not only thinks but acts as a marketer and advertiser. It will soon pay off, we promise you.

Not sure where to go with a candidate with all the benefits at once? We will tell you! Contact the agency and get professional copywriting at an excellent price.

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