External Site Promotion? – SEO Articles!

What is the essence of external site promotion? Why are SEO articles needed? What are external links, and what do they mean when talking about weight? Drivefoxcopy.studio will provide detailed answers to these questions.

How Does External Site Promotion Work?

Each search engine has its algorithms. The latter decides which position in the output results of individual keywords should be the site. Unique robots analyze metrics that help build sites in a specific order according to relevance.

Relevance refers to how well a web page’s content corresponds to the article’s keywords. Search engines study metatags and the site’s textual content to find out. The data to be analyzed are called internal factors. Now consider the external factors.

When sorting sites, search engines take into account external factors:

  • links from third-party web resources that lead to your site;
  • your site name mentioning as text without a link;
  • likes on social networks left by the audience under your SEO article and the number of reposts.

The external link looks like a clickable marker that stands out from the rest of the text by font color, type, or style. By clicking on the link, the user goes to the promoted site. But external links alone will not help your site reach the top search results.

What Is Meant by “Reference Weight”?

To make it easy to understand how external links work, let’s say that each web page weighs 10 kg. The page will lose some weight if you link to your site. For example, placing one external link will take 1 kg from the donor site and 2 kg from the pair. Your site will add weight to a similar value and look more authoritative in the eyes of the search engine. But this principle works only if the user clicks on the link. This is where the copywriter or rewriter services will come in handy, who will write an SEO article so interesting that the reader will follow the link.

How to Sow Articles for External Site Promotion?

After preparing an SEO article, you can start sowing it. The goal is to attract third-party audiences to the site. To make the content popular, you should use the following resources:

  • social networks like Facebookand , Instagram, in the thematic groups which should publish the SEO articles with links to the site;
  • channels open to the audience in Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber;
  • YouTube video hosting, where a video will be published with the disclosure of the article’s topic, and below is a link;
  • forums, blogs, chats on thematic sites, question and answer sites;
  • sending letters to target users by e-mail notifying the release of a new, interesting article.

By placing an SEO article on several channels simultaneously, you increase the likelihood that the content will interest the audience and users will follow external links. In the future, you will need to track the effect of the steps taken to promote the site.

How to Find Out the Result of Site External Promotion With the Help of SEO Articles?

After sowing texts on individual resources, you can proceed to analyze the site promotion effectiveness. This information can be obtained from analytical services. For example, go to the “Analyze page traffic” section of Google Analytics. Here you will see statistics of traffic to all pages of your site. Also, see the data in the Traffic Sources section to find out where your audience is coming from and what the best resources are for posting articles.

Order articles for external website promotion in the drivefoxcopy.studio copywriting studio. Contact us to get a free consultation and find out the cost of your project.


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