How are Internet Marketer and Copywriter Jobs Related?

The information space is oversaturated with marketing offers that are similar to each other. The uniqueness of the texts of most websites tends to be zero. Standing out in this ocean is a difficult task.

In 2019, over 88% of companies said they were increasing their online marketing budgets. Most players expect the biggest payoff from filling sites with quality content. Project promotion analytics say that the number of clients increased by an average of 43%, and profits increased by more than half, 51%.

A comprehensive analysis of the above statistics suggests that Internet marketers should pay special attention to the work of copywriters, who will provide quality content for their projects.

Remote work

The copywriter alone cannot determine all the requirements the marketer puts before them. Something is forgotten, something is silent, somewhere there is a contradiction in the information provided, and something will be determined later. Therefore, the close cooperation of the marketer and the copywriter is the key to achieving results.

Going on the Internet, the marketer sees a large number of offers from copywriters who work remotely. Understanding and selecting the best ones is very difficult. It is unacceptable to simply send the TOR and wait for execution.

How it works

Internet marketer, as part of the implementation of their project:

  • forms the task of writing the text;
  • passes the task to the copywriter;
  • clarifies the task;
  • makes adjustments and clarifications;
  • checks the text;
  • sends the text for revision, if necessary;
  • inserts the finished text into the project.

When agreeing on a task with a copywriter, the details are clarified, and the “keys”, style, volume, categories, and the relationship of the text with the already existing on the site are determined.

Cooperation benefits

The quality of the completed project of the internet marketer directly depends on the coordinated work of the copywriter, who works remotely.

As part of the collaboration, the marketer receives content that is:

  1. optimized according to the resource strategy;
  2. clearly corresponds to the theme of the resource;
  3. considers all the innovations used in the project;
  4. attracts the attention of search engines;
  5. calls for the required action.

At the same time, the copywriter’s work with the Internet manager, in most cases, is done remotely, which eliminates the allocation of additional resources (space in the office, additional office equipment, increased company staff, etc.).

Attracting additional performers to a project always reduces the time it takes to complete it. The mutual exchange of experience allows you to identify other opportunities in the implementation of the project. The constant exchange of information during the content creation process saves a lot of errors and mistakes.

If you are an internet marketer and want to get a quality text from a copywriter – work closely with them!

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