How PR Articles on Order are Written

PR copywriting is a separate area in which texts of different genres are used. Their main task is to create a “correct” reputation for the company in the eyes of potential customers, partners, and investors. Writing custom image articles on order in Ukraine, as in many other countries, is handled by copywriters. Like to know how PR articles are written?

Algorithm for Writing PR-Texts

Studying the brief

The first stage is preparatory and involves the acquaintance of the performer with your company. We recommend that you provide them with comprehensive information about your business: development history, description of the target audience, differences from competitors, and a list of achievements. In preparing to write articles to order, you may need a personal meeting with a copywriter, for example, if you are both from Kyiv. If not, open access to your official website, so the executor gets acquainted with the product catalog, documents, certificates, and customer reviews. At this stage, the SEO specialist develops the semantic core. You can also supplement it with thematic phrases you would like to see in the article.

Format choice

Image materials differ in presentation. Any information can be presented from a fortunate or unflattering perspective; it all depends on the main idea:

  • Inform and entertain the audience. If a task is such, the copywriter writes news articles, reviews, and instructions with elements of custom advertising on order. In Ukraine, this type of copywriting is quite common. Informational and entertaining texts are suitable for publication in online and offline magazines, blogs, and news channels.
  • Tell about achievements. If your goal is to tell the world your success story, be creative – order a description of not only positive examples but also the difficulties you have encountered and ways to overcome them.
  • Motivate cooperation. Case studies entirely solve this task. They demonstrate done projects and are supported by facts: deadline, price, and profit received from implementing a project in the client’s activities.
  • Submit an expert point of view. Writing interview articles on order is beneficial for large companies, for example, from Kyiv, where journalism is developed. The interview will help you attract TA, mainly if you publish the text on an extensive media portal.
  • Event invitation. Order an invitation text when you need to inform the public, media, or TA about the upcoming event: announce the date, and nature of the event, indicate the participants (conferences) and guests (presentations), and briefly describe the program.

Drawing up a plan and gathering information

The following two stages are the copywriter’s responsibility because the final result depends on them. A well-crafted plan is 50% of success. These are used to write an outline of articles to order: in Ukraine, this format is especially popular with students, teachers, and journalists. It is based on short phrases that show the fundamental ideas of each section of the future article.

You can be sure that the data is collected from verified sources: in addition to the documents, examples, and links you provide, the copywriter additionally analyzes online thematic publications, directories, and independent research and monitors profile groups on social networks and forums.

Writing a full article

The copywriting is guided by the rules you set in the first stage. Write in a language accessible to a specific audience (depending on gender, age, interests, profession, and financial status), and work according to the format – informational, entertaining, demonstration. The article is sure to think of attractive headlines; attention is paid to structuring and design. It makes the reader’s acquaintance with the article as enjoyable as possible.

Writing PR articles to order in Kyiv costs from UAH 1,500 for 1 publication and UAH 12,000 for a package of 10 publications. We have a more flexible pricing policy: the cost depends on the complexity of the project and the urgency of the order. In any case, we will help you save!

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