How to Write the Right Terms of Reference for a Copywriter?

Every customer, when turning to copywriters, has a certain idea of the result. Someone is interested in the sites of competitors and aims to get a similar one. Someone has consulted with experts on optimization and relies on an abundance of keywords. Someone needs to get a strict text “without water,” and someone prioritizes readability. In Ukraine, different formats of texts are now possible, even for corporate websites.

To order a copywriter, correctly calculate the price for writing and get texts that will attract customers, you need to correctly draw up a technical task. What does it include?

How to choose the size of the texts?

There are three basic types of texts that have a commercial component:

  • Cards for online stores
  • Broad presentation of the company, products, services
  • Tips

For catalog cards, the minimum text size is 300-500 characters. However, the more complex and expensive the product, the more attention should be paid to its description, and accordingly, you need to order copywriting of several large texts. The average size of texts for catalogs is about 1000 characters without spaces.

The size of category descriptions is usually 2-3 thousand characters.

For the presentation of a company, its services texts are usually 2.5-3 thousand characters.

Keep in mind that a person quickly and easily runs their eyes over a text block of about a thousand and a half characters. Therefore, long texts are better structured – divided into subheadings that do not exceed 1.5-2 thousand characters.

How to order unique copywriting?

The concept of uniqueness – a very stretching. Different systems take into account different factors when researching for uniqueness. For example, for Advego, the number of repetitions of words or sentences is of utmost importance.

Text com can take into account the structure of the text. That is, if you liked the description of the category in the catalog, and you offer the copywriter to write an article on the similar plan, Text com can put its uniqueness under doubt.

The smaller the texts, the harder it is to achieve high uniqueness, because a random repetition of three words in small descriptions can take away up to 10% of uniqueness.

As a rule, copywriters are required to have such uniqueness:

  • for catalogs you can buy descriptions with uniqueness of 80%;
  • for category descriptions – from 90-95%;
  • articles – 100%.

How to order optimized text copywriting?


SEO optimization is a complex segment of work. A good optimizer for those wishing to order copywriting will choose the keys to the texts, which are the leaders in today’s queries. But they will also consider possible changes in the market. For example, if an online store specializes in outerwear, interest in it increases in the cold season. But this does not mean that during summer, its activity can be frozen – customers can and should always be attracted. For example, such keys as “discounts on clothes” and “buy clothes online” will be very effective.

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