Marketing Services in the Digital Transformation: What to Do to Succeed Online

Do you know that 4.5 billion people are active Internet users? This is more than half the world’s population! Now imagine what success you can achieve by promoting your business online. Clever internet marketing can significantly increase brand awareness. All you need to do is put the site in the hands of professionals who provide marketing services online.

What Is the Difference Between Marketing for Digital and Offline Market

The concept of offline marketing appeared a few years ago: marketers invented it to distinguish between online and offline professionals.

The main difference between digital services and “traditional” marketing is the correspondence between the speed of obtaining the result and the investment amount. Going offline, you spend a lot of effort and time, e.g., developing and installing billboards and preparing newspapers for printing, but you can not be sure of 100% payback.

Yes, forget about offline methods that have recently had a high conversion rate:

  • Outdoor advertising. Billboards, city boards, superboards, firewalls… This method of promotion has become ineffective with the advent of online advertising.
  • Print media. Ads in newspapers and magazines are a thing of the past. An alternative to such marketing is the services of online publications. Publications for them are written in one or two days and are intended for a wide abroad.
  • Mailing. Yes, we are not talking about regular emails. In the past, sending letters by physical mail was almost the only way to attract TA, but it has lost its meaning with the development of technology.
  • Cold calls. Gather (buy) a customer base, compile scripts, hire staff… There are other the most cost-effective ways to interest customers!

To achieve success, you need to move through the channels you can benefit from right now. And this is digital marketing: almost 30% of marketers admit that with digital transformation, the budget for promotion services has been cut in half!

How to Interact With Customers Online

  • Fill the site with optimized content per the interests of the TA. As a result of the joint work of a competent surveyor and copywriter, the site will get to the TOP of the search and attract the attention of new customers, increasing sales.
  • Remind yourself. Contextual and media advertising on thematic resources will make your brand known among interested Internet users.
  • Communicate with the client in their language. Order services within the framework of SMM marketing in social networks where your TA predominates: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They will be an additional source of traffic and expand the sales gap.
  • Use interaction history. Set up e-mail distribution based on customer actions and periodically send letters with special offers and promotions. This way, you will maintain existing customers’ loyal and trusting attitudes.

What Is the Place of Test Content in Internet Marketing?

Test content is a way to test the effectiveness of content variations. It will help launch a new site when you need to assess the correctness of the functionality (transitions on controls, autocomplete forms) and demonstration of text (lists, tables, images, paragraphs) on PC and mobile devices. As part of digital marketing, the service is provided to prevent problems with future content use. After completing the test, we recommend submitting the site to technical support to fill it with optimized articles and news.

Remember that promotion only works in the complex. Separately, you will get either a fast but lousy result or a quality but slow one. Turn to professionals who know how to achieve balance.

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