Online Rewrite for Websites in Ukraine

Online rewrite: all kinds of texts

Need a unique text to promote in a search engine? Need to rewrite an article and show its meaning from a new angle? Want original content on your site with wow-effect? Online rewriting is the best way to stand out in an information-saturated field.

Did you know that 96% of commercial company sites (not information sites!) make it to the TOP in Google and Yandex primarily due to the unique content?

What does copywriting studio offer?

  1. Rewriting training and informational materials.
  2. Changing the structure of sales texts without losing meaning with a stronger impact on the reader.
  3. Rewriting stories and cases.
  4. Preparing new SEO texts.
  5. Creating unique content for social networks and e-mail newsletters from existing material.

What is the uniqueness of online rewriting?

Rewriting means changing texts so that there are no duplicated materials in the network in word order, but the semantic message of the text content remains the same. The originality (uniqueness) of the material is checked with specialized services – anti-plagiarism services:

The ideal figure for those who plan to enter the top with interesting and unique material is 85% or higher.

It is necessary to consider the fact that the subject of the articles should be popular with readers and must be at least indirectly related to the products and services you sell.

The authors of, led by the Internet marketer and copywriter Ruslana Sereda, are experts in narrow areas, allowing you to get unique and, most importantly, technically competent texts for your site.

Our copywriters will prepare the following materials for you:

  • Expert articles in finance.
  • Technical materials and instructions in the auto field.
  • Reviews and guides in IT direction.
  • Selling texts for construction companies.

The expertise of each author is confirmed by real experience in each of the spheres in Ukraine.

Basic ways to rewrite online without using specialized programs:

  • Transferring direct speech into indirect.
  • Synonymization of words and phrases in the text.
  • Retelling separate blocks in abbreviated or expanded (with explanations) form.
  • Changing the sequence and logic of the presentation of the material.
  • Excluding meaningless blocks, sentences, and words from the text.

But as a result, the online rewrite should remain readable and literate and reveal the essence of the material title.

What is the cost of the rewrite from in Ukraine?

Depending on the type of material, technical complexity of the text, and volume of the content, the cost varies from 100 to 150 UAH per 1,000 characters without spaces (that’s ½ A4 page). Any material is 100% compliant with the requirements of the customer and the actual rules of search engines. The unique text will cost you very little compared to the preparation of articles entirely from zero, which allows you to significantly save the advertising budget of any company.

Contact us right now for an estimate of the cost of your project. We’re always in touch!

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