Writing Sales Texts and Advertising: What is the Purpose of Content in the Sales Chain?

The goal of advertising copywriting is to provide consumers with ways to solve their key problems by writing sales texts demonstrating the benefits of this product. It plays a significant role in the sales chain, helping to find, engage customers, and encourage them to shop and return to the company’s services. How to turn potential buyers into regular ones with the help of articles?

Sales Text as Part of the Sales Funnel

  • Involvement in the funnel

In the initial stage, there is an introduction to advertising content. The client’s path begins with a search by entering the desired search query and selecting a site from the list. If in the first 10 seconds, for example, an intriguing title, in 90% of cases, the user will read it in full. Those who have found solutions to their “pains” in the article go on to fill out the form for contacting the company.

Thus, to get acquainted with the site and encourage to apply will help writing exciting, useful, and truthful selling texts: blog articles, bright blocks on the main page, and expert data supported by links to documents, press releases, and educational materials.

  • Establishing contact

After accepting the application, you contact the customer to discuss the order’s details. Copywriting will help to “warm up” the interest of skeptical customer who is hesitant and decides to “think”: send them a review or presentation that demonstrates the unique advantages of the product/service and show the key differences from competitors. Add the user to the email newsletter if the cooperation did not occur. The task of writing such a selling email text will be to regain trust and remind them of the benefits of buying from you.

  • Making a purchase

Congratulations, your customer drowned in the funnel when they decided to work with you. It remains to sign a contract, send it for signature, and arrange delivery.

As you can see, copywriting performs a primary task – weeds out random uninterested site visitors. Those who remain are your target audience for the content.

Stages of Writing Sales Text

1. Setting a goal

Decide on the task of the content. If you need to increase traffic to your site, order SEO articles. Remember, only an experienced copywriter can make a search-optimized article that motivates to buy. We recommend that you supplement the launch of the advertising campaign with ad placements.

Informative content is suitable for answering the buyer’s questions. Although the product description does not contain a call to action, it may be interesting to list the product’s benefits, supported by positive reviews.

You can get a customer back by writing a commercial offer – a sales letter-text- about discounts and bonuses.

2. Forming USP

The article should catch the eye and therefore have a capacious, concise, and unusual title. Most users do not read beyond the first paragraph, so try to express the main idea in it. The reader who has fallen into the funnel expects to find answers to the questions: what does the company offer, and what benefits will they receive if they agree to cooperate.

3. Fighting objections

A copywriter can dispel the reader’s doubts by responding to their complaints in advance with solid arguments in favor of the product/service. For example, to convince customers that the product’s value is justified by its quality, to attract by referring to the recommendations of regular customers, positive comments, or the page “About us,” which contains photos of the team, business history, awards, and more.

Thus, writing different types of selling (commercial) texts can simultaneously retain old customers and attract new ones. The main thing is to find a professional for whom copywriting is not a hobby but a job for results. That’s exactly who DriveFoxCopy copywriting team is! Contact us for a consultation on analyzing your funnel and its content right now!

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