Description of Categories of Goods, Services, and Products – The Key to the Online Store Proper Sale

Review Article: What’s the Point?

According to, 8 out of 10 Internet users, before buying a product, google information about it, reading the characteristics, prices, reviews, and feedback. And based on the statistics of the Ukrainian Processing Center, each bank cardholder makes purchases online 5-6 times a month.

Having a review article in the online store or on the catalog site, which provides all the necessary information about the goods/products, will allow your company to capture precisely those 80% of buyers!

But how to make a review article not just useful, but one that sells?

Online Product Review: 3 Steps to a Successful Sale

  1. Selling to an experienced user

The product review should always have key technical characteristics. If this is a phone description, it has the battery capacity, camera expansion, screen size, memory settings, built-in applications, and other features. And all descriptions must be represented by numbers.

This is done so that an experienced user who already knows what he is looking for can find the right product by precise features.

  1. Selling to a new user

To sell stuff to those who have not previously used the products of this product group, you need to describe its benefits.

If it is again about the phone, then the battery capacity is better to give in the characteristics in hours. If these are windows, it is better to present the presence of additional chambers in the level of heat retention or increase the insulation from outside sounds as a percentage. For car owners who are interested in installing LPG have to be shown fuel savings in numbers per month.

  1. Selling to an expert buyer

To sell to a buyer who has already used competitors’ products, you need to use comparisons in the online review.

For example, LED lamps live 10 cycles more than incandescent lamps. Or water felt-tip pens can be easily removed from any fabric without stain removers.

Writing a Product Review: How to Increase Your Chances of Selling

For the review to have the maximum effect, it is important to include multimedia elements:

  • A video review of unboxing or maintenance will increase the chance of purchase from you by 72%.
  • Quality photos in one style (for custom goods, seller photos, and real pictures) increase the chances by 84%.
  • Photos or video reviews of customers increase customer interest by 23%.

There must also be feedback from real buyers, and it doesn’t matter if they are all positive (within reason).

Writing a product review by DriveFoxCopy specialists will increase user interest in your products, increase your chances of buying, and help bring your online store or catalog to the top of the search engine rankings.

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Demonstrate your product range correctly! Your competitors have been making money from online sales for a long time; why are you hesitating?