Financial copywriting from the experts at DriveFoxCopy!

Financial copywriting is one of the main specializations of our agency. We create expert articles on all topics related to money management based on reliable information from verified sources. Our team is highly proficient in various fields: banking, crediting, insurance, investments, stock trading, cryptocurrency… We take on tasks of any complexity and perform them according to the client’s requirements and vision.

Areas we work with

It is not a problem for us to create both a short description of a banking product for a catalog and a longread about bitcoin trading for the foreign media. And all of this is expert, unique, and in the target audience’s language, regardless of the complexity of the task.

  • Investments. We advertise the services of investment companies and create a corporate image for them, helping them to sell financial products profitably.
  • Currency market. We prepare analytical and forecasting materials about the Forex market based on the interests of investors, buyers, and sellers of currency values.
  • Banks and crediting. We describe financial instruments and technologies and highlight the features of banking products and services, increasing their value in the eyes of the target reader.
  • Insurance. We pay attention to all the nuances of insurance activities from a financial, legal, and socio-economic point of view.
  • Trading. We tell about the peculiarities of securities trading on the stock exchange based on the current situation in the market and official forecasts.
  • Exchanges. We analyze the situation on exchanges (commodity, currency, stock, futures) and explain each participant’s benefits in the transaction.
  • Blockchain. We create topical articles about mining with powerful arguments, convincing logic, and an explanation of complex terminology in simple language.
  • Cryptocurrency. We write concise, informative, and accessible articles about “e-gold,” from reviews of cryptocurrency services to start-up guides for trading virtual currencies.
  • International finance. We cover the situation in the relationship between central banks of different countries and international financial organizations.

The types of solutions we can create

Landing Page

$ 100 Structure + text
  • Text prepared according to all digital marketing standards so that the client will definitely remain yours!

Selling Text

$ 10 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • A text that will not only advertise you but will offer your clients a solution according to their needs!

SEO Texts

$ 8 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • Texts with organically embedded key queries, according to which clients look for your product or service online.

LSI Copywriting

$ 8 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • Texts that convince search engines by thematic words that the material is relevant and must be read!

Technical Texts

$ 15 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • Informative articles with deep dives on specific topics, written in an expert yet understandable language.

Advertising Text

$ 15 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • Materials that will enhance or interest or present your company from a positive angle!

Product/Service Review

$ 5 /1000 symbols without spaces
  • Description of sections, subsections, products, and services in the catalogs of sites and online stores.

Texts For Newsletters

$ 10 One material
  • Text for chains of letters, mailings in messengers or social networks, taking into account the funnel!

Who needs financial copywriting

Subjects of all financial areas are interested in high-quality content because it not only emphasizes the benefits of products and services but also demonstrates expertise in the industry.

Banks and credit organizations

Brokers and dealers

Insurance companies

Stock exchanges

Investment funds

Cryptocurrency projects

Why DriveFoxCopy?

Expert view

We understand all financial topics we write about, so our articles are in-depth, informative, and unique.


Everyone in our team uses authoritative information sources: statistic and analytical resources, scientific articles, interviews, books, including foreign ones.

No language barriers

Our copywriters write in 3 languages, and, if necessary, we include a translator responsible for localizing the sites.

Focus on the target audience

We speak in a language understandable to the reader, explaining complicated things in simple words or, on the contrary, actively operating with financial terms.

Non-intrusive advertising

We have no problem demonstrating the advantages of financial products and services natively, emphasizing positive aspects and benefits for the customer.


All our articles can be elaborated in terms of SEO: structure and search queries while focusing on people, not robots.

Our cases

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