Content for ArtMetal, a Canadian Metal Construction Manufacturer, Tailored to Modern SEO Standards From A to Z

Metal construction manufacturing is a highly competitive business where you must put in the effort to reach your target audience. A company with an excellent reputation in the market approached us, and its leaders decided to focus on effective Internet marketing to achieve even more impressive results. One of the strategies they chose to pursue was optimizing their company’s website for search engines. Crafting a comprehensive set of SEO articles for this client proved to be a valuable experience for our team as we delved deep into a new industry.

Who Is Our Client?

ArtMetal is a company engaged in producing and installing metal constructions in Canada. Their product range includes metal and wrought iron railings, gates, fences, and products made with a combination of glass and wood.

The company is based in Etobicoke, Toronto, Canada, but they also have representations in other cities in Ontario. The ArtMetal team has received various awards in their field, including the “Best of HomeStars” award for 12 consecutive years.

How Did Our Collaboration Begin?

We started working on content for the ArtMetal website in August 2022. They approached our copywriting studio with an existing website that required high-quality new materials. Our task was to write articles about the company’s products and services.

Since the website targeted a Canadian audience, the client needed English content, and we successfully fulfilled this requirement.

Our collaboration began with a test article. After making some minor revisions, the client accepted the text, and our work on filling the website continued.

How Did We Accomplish the Given Tasks?

After completing the test assignment, the client ordered approximately 30 more texts from our studio, optimized for search engine promotion. One unique aspect of working with ArtMetal was the requirement to assess the quality of the finished materials using a specialized service that rates them on a scale of 100 points.

We received orders from the client for five months. We wrote 27 texts about the ArtMetal product range and services. All materials were created with consideration for the mindset and lifestyle of Canadian residents. We also took into account the linguistic peculiarities of the region.

Upon delivering all the texts, the client expressed satisfaction with the quality of our work and assigned us another task: to prepare texts describing the company’s services in different cities. This content aimed to provide information about ArtMetal’s branches on Google Maps. 

We wrote five articles for the client’s branches in Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oshawa, Richmond Hill, and North York.

What Results Did We Achieve?

As a result of our collaboration, the client obtained a fully updated website with high-quality content that provides comprehensive information about ArtMetal’s activities and contributes to the promotion of its online presence.

To achieve this outcome, we focused not only on optimizing the articles for search engines but also on their meaningful content. Just a month after launching the new version of the website, our client noticed an increase in traffic and, consequently, the number of incoming orders.

Do you want the site of your production to also be in the top according to key customer requests? Our studio will help you create content optimized for search engines. Contact us right now!

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