Content for the NFT Game Cats at Arms: How We Worked on PR and More

Most often, game-related content is entertaining only, but not in the case of Cats at Arms. This project is focused on NFT trading and fundraising for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The main goal of the cooperation was to create content for the game’s presentation in the internal and external information space. An additional challenge was the work on characters: creating names and describing the characters and features of crypto cats. See how we did it!

Who is our client?

The authors of the Cats at Arms project are volunteer developers. With the support of the Cyberpolice of Ukraine, they launched the game while simultaneously publishing NFTs as characters on the Boca Chica crypto exchange. The project aims to raise funds to help the Armed Forces, the TDF, and other heroes who are defending Ukraine from the invasion of the aggressor country. 

The game tells the story of key events in the first months of the war, such as the legendary Chornobaivka and Snake Island. The key characters in the game are brave armed cats from various types of troops repelling the invasion of “russian swines.” After completing each stage, players will fight with the boss of the level. The most colorful representatives of the swamp empire, known for their specific phrases, were chosen as antagonists.

All characters are sold on the platform, and the funds received for their sale are transferred to the army’s needs.

How did the cooperation begin?

In July 2022, our studio was approached by the client’s representatives with a request to help present the project to the target audience. After getting acquainted with the goal and idea of the project, we started implementing it. Although the client already had some developments, the bulk of the text creatives was created by our studio. 

The beginning of our cooperation turned out to be very productive. Both the country’s general circumstances and the project’s specifics contributed to this. We made every effort and used all the creative potential of the company to create an interesting and effective text that contributed to NFT’s sales.

How did we accomplish the tasks?

The general tasks from the client were as follows:

  • come up with names for the characters;
  • describe the characters and specializations of the cats;
  • think over the stories and special skills of the secondary characters;
  • prepare two press releases in Ukrainian and English.

The task was divided into two parts: in the first part, we had to describe the characters, and in the second part, we had to prepare a press release.

To convey the qualities of the main and secondary characters as accurately as possible, we immersed ourselves in the gameplay. After several hours of destroying the digital invaders, we understood the characters’ images and started working on their names and stories.

After creating the textual images of the characters, we took on the second part of the task; namely, we started working on press releases. The content was created in two languages: Ukrainian for publication in local media and English for foreign news portals. 

The client accepted the project from the first iteration.

What results did we achieve?

Thanks to well-written characters and the professional presentation of the project in the press release, thousands of people from all over the world learned about the game. Accordingly, the client received new visitors and potential buyers of NFT. As a result, the company was able to realize digital creatives and send funds to the Armed Forces, i.e., invest in Ukraine’s victory.

We gained invaluable experience working on a crypto game project and emotional relief when creating descriptions for the characters. The client was satisfied with the result and cooperation with us, which resulted in a number of new orders.

Do you also have an advanced NFT project? Are you running an active business campaign to support the Ukrainian army and do you need help promoting the campaign? We are ready to help! Write to us right now!


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