Expert Content: How We Prepared Materials for the Website and PR for the IT Company Cortlex


IT is one of the fastest-growing industries associated with businesses’ desire to adopt digital technology. In such conditions, the IT company must interest the audience and motivate them to cooperate faster than their competitors. The best way to demonstrate professionalism is to create relevant content. That is precisely the purpose for which the Cortlex team turned to us.

Who is our client?

Cortlex is an international IT company that develops innovative solutions for businesses and startups from the EU and the US. The team consists of dedicated programming experts focused on the best results.

Since 2015, the company has provided MVP and prototyping services, regular product development & support. It works based on key outsourcing models: Time and Material, Dedicated Team, and a Fixed Price if the project requires it.

How did our cooperation begin?

The CEO of Cortlex approached us in September 2020. The company wanted to position itself on the market as an IT professional to expand its audience and increase its competitiveness. The main request was to create content for posting on external resources – English and russian.

We were required to write a number of articles for third-party websites based on the years of experience and expertise of Cortlex’s head, Roman Rimsha. The company provided all the necessary source materials (presentations, interviews, etc.). In the future, it was planned to work on other content tasks, including SMM and website content.

How did we perform the tasks?

External placement

In the first stage, together with the client, we worked on materials for publications. The emphasis in choosing a website was on credibility and popularity with people interested in IT in all its manifestations. It was not only about target clients but also about potential partners and colleagues in the industry.

Among the media for which the expert content was prepared (click on the links to view expert content):

  • a website for posting unique materials about marketing and sales in IT.
  • an open platform for experts who want to share their experiences and thoughts with a wide English-speaking audience.
  • an online publication devoted to topics such as business startups, technology, innovation, and marketing.

The editorial policies of all the resources were studied beforehand. Our team partially undertook the selection of relevant topics that could interest website visitors. Thus, each text corresponded not only to the unique vision of the expert but also to the interests of the audience.


After successfully submitting several articles for external resources, we received a different kind of task: creating content for LinkedIn. Thus, the company sought to attract potential B2B clients and new talent to its IT team.

We wrote posts about important events in the company’s life and brought up current IT-related topics. We also attached surveys to find out what our subscribers think about one issue or another and tracked the results.

During the year, our agency worked on expert articles and posts for social networks. Then our collaboration with Cortlex reached a new level.

Website content

When a steady flow of clients from external websites and social networks was achieved, the company decided to improve its own website. To be more precise, one of its most important sections from the point of view of the IT services customer – portfolio.

Cortlex has delegated to us the entire range of case development tasks:

  • study of the experience of working with the company’s clients since 2015, keeping in mind the NDA;
  • deep dive into each project: specifics, goals, problems, ways of solving tasks, tech stack, etc.;
  • writing a case according to the basic structure: a description of the project (also taking into account the NDA), the process of performing tasks, and results.

What results have we achieved and how are we cooperating now?

Since September 2020, we have written dozens of unique articles for external placement and social media. They were related to creating and running a business and directly to developing software solutions.

Thanks to a well-thought-out content strategy, we succeeded:

  • increase the recognition of Cortlex and Roman Rimsha in the russian and English-speaking web segments;
  • build a reputation for the Cortlex team as experts in software development in the EU and US markets;
  • create an influx of potential clients from various channels, including a number of reputable sites and social networks;
  • fill one of the key sections of the website, cases, by describing the experience of various projects, taking into account NDA;
  • attract new talent to the team and expand the partner base through an active LinkedIn profile.

All this created favorable conditions for scaling services and expanding the target audience, which positively affected the business’s financial side. We continue to cooperate in two areas (creating articles and filling the website) and to achieve new goals.

Do you also want to increase the reputation of the company or individual specialist? Need a set of content that will positively affect brand awareness and the number of orders? We are ready to discuss the work with you right now!

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