How We Create Content for ZappleTech: Expertise, Immersion in QA, and Creativity!

Our acquaintance began in 2021 with a small order for a blog text. At that time, we did not understand the scale of our future cooperation, although we had high hopes for this contract. And they were justified. 

Who is Our Client?

ZappleTech provides testing services for all kinds of digital solutions. Since 2016, the team has been tirelessly working for IT companies worldwide, providing the highest quality QA services for digital products. 

ZappleTech works with all types of apps: mobile, web, and desktop, as well as websites and complex virtual systems. The team’s arsenal includes cutting-edge tools that allow it to complete tasks of any complexity in a short timeframe. 

The company constantly monitors trends and incorporates them into its workflow, updating its tools, techniques, and work methods. The team grows thanks to the timely professional development of each participant. That is why ZappleTech needs top content that reflects the company’s level of expertise.

Initial Quest

The first order consisted of five small texts in English on the topic of test automation, which, according to the content plan, should be published during the next month. The texts were different: from QA service techniques to a detailed analysis of the differences in types of testing.

To be honest, this area was new to us, resulting in several expert comments on the materials. We corrected all the mistakes and worked on the issues to avoid such situations in the future. Have we succeeded? Judge for yourself, because the cooperation continues, and the number of orders grows monthly.

What Are We Currently Creating For ZappleTech?

Based on the client’s work specifics, the delegated tasks are not very diverse but require the most detailed study of the subject. The expertise of the materials has priority even over SEO, which once again confirms the high level of requirements for the content. 

Currently, we receive about 10 orders per month on topics related to QA in English, for example:

  • Test automation.
  • Tools for testing.
  • Types of testing.
  • Specifics of working with platforms.
  • Quality assurance of web systems.

At the same time, the requirements for texts are becoming stricter following the current “rules” of network marketing. But we are successfully coping with this challenge, improving our skills in matters related to QA.

How We Solve Our Tasks?

Everything complicated turns out to be very complex, especially in the QA industry. Specifics of the subject oblige everyone involved in content creation to analyze gigabytes of information and collect valuable facts piece by piece. We constantly communicate with our customers and update our knowledge of the testing area through the experience and methods of the company. It increases our expertise and allows us to create great content for the ZappleTech blog.

Right now, the process of working on content looks like this:

  • Analyzing the client’s tasks.
  • Gathering the contents of the future material.
  • Agree on critical points with the client.
  • Gather the contents from the company’s QA experts.
  • Creation of text and optimization.
  • Re-agreement and material submission.

As a result, the customer receives high-quality content that fully reveals the company’s potential.

Results of Cooperation

While working together on ZappleTech content, we increased their position in Google search results. In addition, the brand received relevant materials, gaining more than a thousand views per month (considering the specifics of the topic, it is very good). The flow of clients to the company has also increased.

Do you want the same expert and exciting content for your audience? Don’t hesitate to contact us now if you like our examples!

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