How We Described the Features and Filled the Blog of the QA system

Software testing is one of the industries in which we have an in-depth understanding. Our team is capable not only of creating blog articles but also of describing complex technical issues. Cooperation with confirms this. We work comprehensively with content: from writing to optimization for search engines and business requirements.

Who is our client? is a manual and automated testing management system (TMS). It is intended for technical (developers, QA engineers) and non-technical specialists (project managers, etc.).

The system provides a set of features:

  • Organization and execution of automated testing.
  • Intuitive management of test cases.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Building workflows based on Agile.

TMS integrates all the features required for flexible work with tests: planning, execution, and analysis of results. The tool supports integrations with the most popular test frameworks.

How did our cooperation begin?

The company approached us in August 2022. The first request was to write an article for a blog in English. It was necessary to perform a comparison of TMS and another tool. The client was satisfied with the test work quality and decided to continue working with us.

Initially, it was about writing articles. The customer then asked us to complete two more tasks: describe key TMS features and provide instructions on how to use each framework. The important task was to go into the key processes in the system.

How did we meet the challenges?

Throughout our cooperation, we received 2-3 or sometimes more expert articles every month for the English-language blog. The topics were always related to software testing. We also worked on technical feature descriptions and manuals.

Before writing materials, we received all the necessary information from the client in text and video format. We had access to the test management system to see for ourselves the convenience of each feature.

The tasks we performed in the process of cooperation:

  • regular writing of articles for the blog on a given topic;
  • optimization of all materials for search engines;
  • description of functions with instructions for their use;
  • creation of guides for working with frameworks;
  • checking texts for compliance with the terms of reference.

Each article and description was optimized and checked for various SEO parameters: uniqueness, spamming, keyword frequency, etc. If necessary, we made edits and supplemented the materials according to the client’s feedback.

What results did we achieve?

From August 2022 until the end of 2022, we created about 50 texts, including articles for the blog, feature descriptions, and tutorials. All materials were prepared in English, optimized for search queries, and adapted to the audience’s interests. 

Our cooperation continues. We regularly create expert content and optimize it. Constant updating of the blog attracts new visitors to the site, and some of them later become regular users of the system.

Do you also have a development and testing product? We will help you communicate all the functions, features and benefits of the service to users in an understandable language. Apply for a project estimate right now!

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