How We Wrote Blog Articles and Created Landing Pages for Roobykon Software


A high-quality marketplace is a guarantee of stable profits for its owner and vendors working on the platform. In a highly competitive industry, it is quite difficult to find good technological solutions for implementing trading systems. Roobykon Software came to us with a content marketing problem. They specialize in developing excellent marketplaces but cannot find customers due to the overload of similar businesses on the market.

Who is our client?

Roobykon Software has been developing efficient and convenient marketplaces for more than 12 years. The team also closely cooperates with the Sharetribe SaaS platform, and it was even included in the list of official partners of the brand.

Despite having quite a lot of experience in the industry, the company faced a problem – a lack of customers due to insufficient visibility in the network. They conducted a detailed analysis of their marketing campaign and concluded that search engines poorly indexed the resource. The reason for this was insufficient content on the website and blog with specialized content with SEO elements.

How did the cooperation begin?

Our cooperation began with search engine optimization. The client contacted us in August 2022 with a test task to check the experience and expertise of the copywriting studio. 

The first text, a landing page for one of their services, was accepted without edits but with some specialized nuances clarified. Since then, we have been working on filling the official Roobykon Software resource and creating landing pages and blog content.

How did we accomplish the tasks?

Since the cooperation started with landing pages and their SEO content, we had to do our best. After analyzing the tasks, we chose the optimal text style and structure. All the proposed SEO components (keys, keywords, and phrases) were inserted into the material with surgical precision. Thanks to this, even openly advertising wording looked natural and unobtrusive.

After filling in all the future pages of the company’s website, we focused on the blog’s content. To do this, we, together with the customer and the marketer, worked through a list of profile topics organically woven into the overall concept of the client’s business. As soon as we received the list of new tasks, we started working on their implementation in compliance with all the client’s requirements.

What results did we achieve?

Since the technical part of the new Roobykon Software’s website is still under development, the customer did not have time to publish all the materials. That is, we cannot take statistics and tell you in numbers about the increase in lead generation due to our content. As for blog posts, the situation is similar; most of them will be posted later, according to the current content plan.

Our cooperation with Roobykon Software continues. We receive new tasks and are preparing to fulfill them soon. We will receive new tasks and perform them in the near future, and you can already see how the client’s website is transformed for the better now (at the moment of writing this).

Do you want to fill your website with useful content for potential clients just as smoothly but confidently? Want to tell more about yourself to prove your expertise and competence? Contact us for a consultation right now!

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