Immersive Development: How We Described Cases For BuildApps

In the summer of 2021, BuildApps experts contacted us and offered to collaborate. Our first order was a small test case for developing a mobile app. After consulting with the company’s specialists and finding out the project details, we started implementing the content and presented the result to the client a day later. It was the beginning of cooperation, which lasted almost 6 months.

Who is BuildApps?

BuildApps is a young, talented team of developers from Kyiv. They provide services for the comprehensive development of mobile and web apps of any complexity: from basic functionality to complex management systems for enterprises, housing, public utilities, or commercial businesses. 

The company’s portfolio currently has more than 10 successfully completed projects; a similar amount is under development. And if they have no difficulties with the technical part of the IT solutions implementation, they had certain problems with a beautiful description of the work done. Here we, the copywriting studio DriveFoxCopy, came to the rescue.

Problem Types and Ways of Solving Them

Our main task in cooperation with BuildApps is the stylized presentation of information about the projects:

  • Development methods and principles.
  • Team composition and roles.
  • Key project tasks.
  • Challenges and their solutions.
  • Prototyping challenges.
  • Timeframe for release.
  • Evaluation of profitability.

describe the cases

These are the key components of a typical BuildApps case, created in tandem with the team leader. There were a few such projects, but two are most memorable: the system for Haski and the website for CardanoWater. By the way, the company still cooperates with the latter and creates innovative functionality to solve a global problem.

Challenges and Difficulties in Working on Cases For BuildApps

Oddly enough, the critical challenge turned out to be the workflow itself. It is difficult to fit dozens of hours of development into a small case study, especially when each successive stage was more complicated and important than the previous one. But thanks to our expertise and the company’s representatives’ help, we successfully completed the order before the deadline, for which we received a separate thanks from the client. 

Another challenge for us was to describe the mechanics of the new applications. The complex architecture and the interaction model between the functionality and the database required a more thorough study before the description. This process stretched over one working day, which was spent on a meticulous analysis of the details of the development methodology and integrations of all levels. As a result, we managed to work out the case’s texture and implement it in a readable text form.

Results of Cooperation

As a result, BuildApps received high-quality material that interestingly and colorfully describes the company’s workflow in creating top digital solutions. How did it help the team? By getting the content right, the number of users interested in the company’s services doubled and brought BuildApps new customers, which also positively impacted the company’s revenue. 

See how we’ve described cases for an IT company in two languages. Maybe this is the approach you need! Contact us to discuss your content strategy goals now!

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