Inside of Digital Sales, or How We Developed Content for Scallium

In the spring of 2021, we encountered Scallium. Representatives of their team approached us with the task of filling the brand’s blog with relevant content. The first order was transformed into permanent cooperation, which was suspended due to the horrific events of February 2022. 

Our Client’s Profile

Scallium was already a well-known player in the market for developing digital solutions for e-commerce at the beginning of the cooperation. Now the team of experts successfully produces advanced IT products, such as marketplaces, online stores and commercial websites, and web apps. Also, in the company’s portfolio, there are innovative complex PIM systems, which speed up and simplify assortment processing by organizing and localizing information from the media about the products. 

We had to explain the value of these solutions to consumers by describing complex mechanics in simple language.

Tasks Delegated to Us by the Client

The Scallium blog needed quality content explaining the value of the company’s digital solutions for business. The brand’s main profile was and still is IT systems for e-commerce, allowing entrepreneurs to transform and scale their stores. Except that the target audience does not always understand the importance and effectiveness of such innovations in their business. 

That is why we focused on adapting complex formulas, terms, and mechanics for the ordinary businessperson, for whom it is much more important to understand the benefits set out in the language of numbers (income, investment, payback). Thus appeared the text content for the company’s blog, which outlined the critical factors of the impact of digital products on business. Also, the emphasis was placed on innovations in the industry and their implementation in the technical components of IT solutions. As a result, there were comprehensive articles in English, Ukrainian, and russian.

What Challenges We Solved While Working on the Texts

The main challenge in creating materials for Scallium was the specifics of orders. In the content, it was necessary to combine the technical and marketing aspects of the e-commerce business, wrapping them in a beautiful cover of user-friendly wording. Having studied gigabytes of information on the company’s topic, we increased our expertise in marketing and developed specialized systems such as PIM, CRM, CMS, ERP, and WMS. 

The second problem was the uniqueness because the industry is saturated with content on similar topics. But we successfully solved this challenge, analyzing hundreds of articles and creating our own author’s presentation style.

What Results Did We Achieve?

With the content for Scallium, we have qualitatively improved the marketing indicators of the company. During the cooperation, the organic traffic of the brand’s profile resource increased by 21%, and the conversion rate increased by 67%. It became possible due to the SEO components in the articles and the competent presentation of the materials, which are not only indexed by the search system but also easily read by the consumer.

Working with Scallium allowed us to improve our expertise in marketing and the development of e-commerce systems for business. We successfully implement the acquired knowledge in other projects, recalling with fondness the months of work with IT industry specialists. We hope to work together again because trends change, and content must transform with them. 

Check really interesting things we’ve written about e-commerce and marketplaces, and think how cool we could develop content for you. Feel free to contact us and discuss your content problems!

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