Demonstration of Tech Innovation: Case Studies, Articles, and PR Texts for IT Company Rocketech

If a company wants to develop in the IT field, it should first confirm its expertise. This is the starting point for working in the highly competitive technology industry. And content is one of the effective ways to achieve the goal. This was the main motive for Rocketech to approach us.

Who is our client?

Rocketech is a progressive software development company. Its mission is to help businesses grow by introducing innovative solutions to their key processes. The team focuses on new technologies, functionality, and the business logic of programs.

Experts – BAs, designers, backend and frontend developers, QA specialists, and DevOps engineers – offer creating products from scratch, enhancing existing solutions, and consulting support.

Among Rocketech’s core services:

  • Mobile and web development. 
  • IT consulting and management.
  • Integration of cloud technologies and DevOps.
  • Digital design creation. 

The company was founded in Kyiv but is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in London and San Francisco. It cooperates with companies from different countries, regardless of their industry and scale of activity.

How did our collaboration begin?

In August 2021, we were approached by Rocketech representatives Alexey Borisov and Alexander Roket. They are the co-founders of the company, who together founded a progressive IT business. In 5 years, they turned a small start-up into a reliable technological partner.

Our interaction was related to the company’s desire to attract the attention of a new audience to its services and build trusting relationships with them. To achieve this, high-quality content was required for the website in English, including the “Cases” section showcasing the team’s expertise.

We discussed the scope of work and critical requirements and received the source materials for writing the case (from basic company information to interviews with co-founders). The client made a few minor edits to the initial text and decided to engage in a long-term collaboration with us.

How did we perform the tasks?


Our studio engaged a copywriter with a high level of English and experience writing cases for the IT industry, as well as a producing editor.

Each case was created in several steps:

  1. Immersion in the project with which the company worked.
  2. Study of the team’s workflow and the results achieved.
  3. Formation of the basis for the case and its discussion with the customer.
  4. Writing the case according to the approved structure.
  5. Proofreading by an editor for literacy and relevance.
  6. Approval of the text, making edits if necessary.

In total, we have created 15+ cases, most of which have already been published in the relevant section of the site.

Blog articles

Having completed a series of complex cases, we took on a different set of tasks: SEO articles for the blog. We covered various IT topics, including the best development tools, technological trends, secrets of bringing tech ideas to life, and the specifics of the SDLC process.

Considering the increased workload, we invited two additional copywriters to join the project. This way, our studio was responsible for comprehensive content management, including a focus on SEO. The client published the articles on the blog almost immediately after receiving them from us. But that’s not all yet!

Reputation content

After three months, the company noted an improvement in the website’s rankings on Google, resulting in increased traffic. At that point, the management set a new goal: to confidently establish their presence in front of a broad audience (potential clients and partners) on major authoritative platforms.

As a result, another task was added to our list – preparing expert articles for external resources. Consequently, the team of performers expanded, with an author experienced in creating reputation-building content joining our ranks.

What results have we achieved, and how are we cooperating now?

Comprehensive content for the site (cases + blog articles) and the creation of materials for external placement have brought their results:

  • The increase in traffic, achieved through article optimization, resulted in a larger readership for the blog, many of whom sought consultation and ordered the services.
  • The company’s visibility expanded in the IT market in Europe and the United States among entrepreneurs focused on software development from scratch or improving existing solutions.
  • The company’s reputation improved in the eyes of prospects and technology partners, leading to enhanced competitive positions.
  • Customer retention increased due to demonstrating the team’s expertise in IT domains and their commitment to building trust with the target audience.

Scaling business operations and attracting new clients positively impacted the financial capabilities of the business. The co-founders of Rocketech were impressed with what they achieved in 2.5 years of competent, comprehensive content work. 

Our cooperation was suspended due to the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Then we resumed work on cases and periodically received new tasks.

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