Smart Finance and Its Promotion, or How We Created Landing Pages for Qiuntex Bank

In a world where technology develops at lightning speed, digital transformation of business is inevitable, especially in the financial sector. The DriveFoxCopy team has been fully convinced of this for many years. Qiuntex Bank is a fintech project that reinforced our belief in the futuristic concept of a world where every routine task will be performed with the help of digital devices.

Qiuntex Bank – Smart Financial Management

Qiuntex Bank is a company from the United Kingdom specializing in digital financial technologies. The platform provides online management of bank accounts and access to transactions from a smartphone. It also offers issuing virtual and physical cards for convenient cash withdrawals at ATMs.

The company is focused on two audiences, which means that its website must have two interfaces:

Corporate – for facilitating the management of business accounts.

Individual – for personal use.


Qiuntex Bank’s mobile solution supports more than 20 currencies and operates in all European Union countries, as well as in the United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Gibraltar, and Switzerland. Regardless of the account type, customers can access international online transfers.

How It All Began

In May 2023, a representative from Quintex Bank contacted us. After researching other copywriters’ case studies on the internet, the company chose our studio. They were attracted by our extensive experience in creating landing pages and writing technical texts for fintech projects.

At that time, Quintex Bank had a website, but its promotion was difficult due to some issues. The main problem was the lack of relevant content that could capture the target audience’s attention.

The client placed a special emphasis on concise, impactful, and unconventional headlines on service pages aimed at both legal entities and individuals.

Intelligence and Creativity – Key Requirements for Fintech Landing Pages

The first step in our collaboration was an interview with the client to learn more about the Qiuntex Bank project and its specifics. The task required a combination of an intelligent and creative approach, and this was within our capabilities.


In a nutshell, we had two main tasks:

  • Create texts for landing pages in English according to the page structure.
  • Come up with catchy headlines that would serve as the company’s slogan.

Brainstorming: How We Worked on Texts for Target Pages

Along with a detailed brief, the client provided us access to their website and additional documents with examples of the desired outcome.

The work included the following stages:

  1. Researching the website and understanding the specifics of their services.
  2. Familiarization with the task and relevant examples.
  3. Writing a landing page for corporate clients.
  4. Checking the text for correctness and uniqueness.
  5. Coordination with the client and making changes.


The structure of each landing page was divided into several blocks, including:

  • The main screen with a slogan and a call to action.
  • Detailed description of services for legal/individual entities.
  • General description of the platform.
  • Brief description of the mobile app features with a CTA (Call to Action).
  • Bullet points highlighting the company’s advantages.
  • Final call to action and a footer.


The client responded to our work positively, so we immediately started working on the second landing page (services for individuals), following the approved algorithm.

And for dessert, the most interesting part remained – headlines for the landing pages. The main challenge was the limited number of words. The website already had a clear structure, so to ensure the text looked harmonious, we shouldn’t exceed the limit of 100-150 characters without spaces. This meant that the specifics of the fintech solution had to be expressed in just a couple of sentences.

Creative Approach that Delivers Results

During our collaboration, we created 6 variations of headlines for both pages. The client was pleasantly surprised by such productivity and noted that each one hit the mark accurately.

The company accepted the landing pages with minimal revisions, highlighting that the technical and marketing aspects perfectly complemented each other in our texts. As a result, hundreds of targeted customers (business representatives and individuals) showed interest in Qiuntex Bank’s services.


Interested in a creative approach to content creation? We’ll craft creative landing pages and articles for you and generate a slogan that will be uniquely associated with your company!


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