Selling text: turning the reader into a buyer

Why order selling text?

If the site is a virtual presentation of the company, then the text on it is a kind of commercial offer. And every business strives to convert every text to 100%. Any material you have on the site must sell: directly or natively.

According to Sprout Social research, customers are interested to see, first of all, not company news and photos of cats, but materials about:

  • Promotions and discounts – 72%;
  • Products and services’ characteristics – 60%;
  • Training materials – 59%;
  • Motivational content – 49%;
  • Announcements and reports on events in the company – 41%;
  • Reviews and cases – 37%;
  • Sphere of activity of the company and its employees – 36%;
  • Affiliate materials – 12%.

Reading such content strengthens the customer’s loyalty to the brand, interest in the product, trust in the company and encourages purchase.

Decide if you need text that will just fill in the blanks or work as an advertisement?

Order selling text means ordering an advertising item with a clear reach of your audience. This is not just a way of mass influence, like the video on TV about diapers watched by unmarried men without children, but a tool of direct impact. DriveFoxCopy copywriting studio offers such a tool.

Writing selling texts: influence on the client’s problems

Depending on the goals and tasks, commercial materials are divided into several categories:

  • Sales of the company – the text on the site’s main page, the page about the company, the site’s business catalogs.
  • Brand sales – articles-reviews, analytical articles, interviews, which indicate the benefits of a particular brand in the niche.
  • Sale of goods – texts for product cards, reviews, price aggregators, showing the excellent characteristics of your product.
  • Sales of the service – texts in the section of a specific service, review text on specialized forums, comparative texts that indicate the advantage of your service.

Except for materials that sell “head-on”, all pages on the site must sell you all together with your product. Payment, delivery, warranty, return, consultation, partnership terms, stages of the order – the certainty of the visitor to become a customer depends on how satisfied they are with this information.

How to write selling texts

Our copywriting studio is based on several “rules” in writing a commercial text:

  1. Each text material answers the user’s problem, pain, or question.
  2. Any answer should be comprehensive, but without water and unnecessary “introductions”.
  3. The text should sell naturally, without imposing company services.
  4. In the reading process of the material sold, the customer must see significant benefits of the product or company.
  5. The commercial text should inspire confidence and at the same time, offer a solution to the problem.
  6. An article, text, and publication should save the company’s unique style so that it is remembered and distinguished from others.

Only such material will work for the benefit of the company, not against it.

See examples of sales texts we have already made here and here.

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