SEO Texts: Let Google and Yandex Find Your Company

What is SEO text?

SEO text is a material with the competent inclusion of keywords relevant to the topic (or simply, the question) of search queries entered into Google, Yahoo, Yandex. Simply put, with optimized text that matches your products and services, the customer will find your company faster.

For example, the reader is looking for “buy an electric kettle in New York”. And you sell electrical appliances. And, if the relevant product category’s description mentions the purchase of the desired product in the appropriate place in your company, the search engine will display your site as relevant to the query.

Why Do You Need SEO Texts?

According to statistics, the first page of search results of any network accounts for 91.5% of traffic, i.e., your potential customers! Of these, 35% are given to the first site, 16% – the second, 10% – the third, the rest is distributed evenly without the required materials in the first three sources. All resources account for only 4.8% of traffic on the third page, 1.1% of readers search materials on the 4th page, and 0.2% of users go to the rest of the pages.

So to get at least on the second, and ideally, on the first page, the site, together with other matches (download speed, design, performance, etc.), must fully meet the search queries!

Writing SEO Texts – Another kind of the Copywriting Art

Writing SEO texts involves the unquestionable fulfillment of several requirements of search engines:

  1. A precise answer to user questions.
  2. The presence of keywords in indirect or diluted form (but naturally!) in the text.
  3. The moderate use of these queries in the text (no, counting after commas has not been used for over 3 years).
  4. Matching the article’s size to the amount of useful information in the text.
  5. Compliance with the material’s technical requirements (watered down text content, text spamming, the presence of errors, the material division into blocks, the lists availability, the definitions, and explanations availability, preferably practical examples).

Also, search engines are very fond of numbers (yes, statistics are our everything) and references to prestigious companies or publications, e.g., Bloomberg.

It is also important in writing SEO texts to optimize and select thematic illustrations, videos, graphics, and any subject material.

SEO Copywriting Is a Panacea for Start-UPS, and Not Only

SEO copywriting is a way to present information in a useful way to both the reader and the search engine.

When a business site appears online, it can take years to promote it if the resource simply “exists”. And SEO copywriting will help to find its potential visitor faster. Remember, your competitors are already online. It means that even if their level of service is worse, the goods are not so high quality, and prices are inflated, the customer will come to them first. And your customer may simply not find out about you.

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