Technical copywriting – emphasize the expertise of your company!

What is Technical Copywriting?

Technical copywriting is a description of complex programs, instruments, mechanisms, works in simple and clear language without losing the author’s expertise in the reader’s eyes.

Technical copywriting includes:

  • Compilation of instructions for devices, equipment, machinery.
  • Manuals for programs, services, apps.
  • Construction of classifiers, typologies, and other systematized documents.
  • Description of engineering systems, schemes, maps.
  • Preparing technical documentation.
  • Filling the pages “Frequently Asked Questions”, “User Agreement”, “Privacy Policy”, etc.
  • Reviews and descriptions of test drives and testing of equipment, techniques, programs.
  • Cards of goods and complex technical services.

Distinctive Characteristics of Technical Texts

To give the user not just a lot of numbers, terms, definitions, and diagrams, but actually useful material, the technical texts copywriter considers a number of features:

  1. All terms and definitions must be explained in plain language.
  2. The material should not contain ambiguous statements.
  3. All facts and numbers must be confirmed, and the client must understand the information source (how reliable the facts are).
  4. The material should be structured and answer all the user’s questions, even the most trivial.
  5. The reader can understand the subject of the question even without special knowledge in the field.

It is also worth mentioning that the technical texts copywriter must have experience in the subject so not to mislead readers. Especially not to disappoint the reader who already has specialized knowledge, as this may deter the client from working with the company.

Why Do You Need a Technical Copywriter?

Often, customers who need your product or service do not even know what it is called or cannot describe the exact list of its features. But when customers search for your product, they will enter queries in plain language in Google or Yandex.

You will receive expert status in a specific complex issue if you answer the user’s questions as clearly as possible on your site. So, with time, in need of purchase, a customer will come to you.

There are also user groups who already have skills, experience, and knowledge in a particular field. And they are looking for a so-called “thought leader” – a flawless company whose competence is beyond doubt.

You will be recommended if you convince such an audience that you are the guru of a particular business or field of activity.

In addition, useful, relevant texts that best reveal the core of the user’s question, contain information that is not available in other sources, help to raise the company’s site in search engine rankings. And this is an additional flow of leads to your resource.

Remember, 7 out of 10 users want to see not just the facts, but also seek their confirmation. Every 3 users who search for information about a product or service will order it within 4 days. And 86% of customers prefer to order from companies that describe the features of services and goods on their website.

At DriveFoxCopy, you can always order clear, relevant and competent text from a technical copywriter in a narrow field. Contact our marketer right now and we will answer all your questions!