About me

Internet marketer and copywriter Ruslana Sereda

Greetings, dear customers!

If you come across my site, you definitely need clear and high-quality work on texts and articles.

Can I really help you? Only you can judge!

What you need to know about my skills and practice:

  • 5 years in copywriting

I started on large all-Ukrainian exchanges, got into the TOP-20 Ukrainian copywriters, and now work as a freelancer and outsourcer.

  • 8 years in direct sales

Yes, I have experience in both simple trade in the market and the store, and the sale of multi-ton machines with drywall to constructors. I sold banking products from the call center on cold calls, sold materials for HoReCa as a sales representative, and even sold media time on the radio via the Internet without meeting clients (there are some clients I haven’t even seen).

  • 3 years in digital marketing

Developed a new semantic core, created countless content plans, built promotion strategies for B2B and B2C, and even worked with political representatives (for apparent reasons unable to show work results). I regularly take courses from the most prominent agencies to improve my professionalism.

  • 4 years of work in construction (supply manager, then head of sales)

Two different companies, but one ​activity area – wholesale of building materials to major developers in Ukraine. I think it is clear that I know the client’s pain and the features of the materials by heart. Even if I get up at night, I can still talk about the differences in the labeling of the electric cable.

  • more than 4 years behind the wheel (I even repaired the car myself, honestly)

All of my environment is somehow connected with the auto world: service stations, car certification companies from abroad, car companies from European auctions, auto parts dealers, and law firms in the field of mobility. Today I am not surprised by anything in this area of ​​service, but I am still creative.

  • 6 years of study at the university in “project management and administration”

I have a master’s degree in economics and project management. I am not surprised by the frightening numbers, multi-page calculations, and deep statistics. That’s why it’s so easy for me to take on analytical materials and everything related to economics and finance.

  • 10 years of PC experience (yes, it’s also a skill)

What does it mean? When my 14-year-old brother protected a computer with special programs, I always broke them to access my favorite NFS. No, I did not take courses, but I am a very savvy user and always “on the topic” of digitization of businesses, new products on the market of software platforms, and IT services.

Do you need a copywriter with such experience?

Of course, if I have skills in Internet marketing, I know how to build content and test its effectiveness for the business.

And every day, I use all my knowledge in practice for several years. All my customers are satisfied, which is confirmed by a large number of honest reviews.

My studio has a cool team; each specialist is an expert in one of the areas I work with. We don’t just write; we pass on our experience on paper.

And today, I want to work with you: long, productive, for the result!

Are you ready to entrust me with the promotion of your business?

DriveFoxCopy Services

Landing page texts

Development of the structure and text content of the landing page by marketing analysis to meet customer needs.

Selling texts

Texts for sites, forums, presentations, commercial offers to turn the reader into a customer.

Information articles

Cognitive materials to help the client to see the company's expertise and professionalism.

PR materials

Press releases, info drives, media publications created to improve the company's visibility and customer loyalty.

SEO texts

Optimized materials for specific key queries that the customer searches you or your product in Google and Yandex.

Text content

Product description, services, catalog for the site.

SMM materials

Presentation materials and selling texts for pages and groups on Facebook, VKontakte, LinkedIn, Instagram

Texts for mailing

E-mail materials and distribution in Viber, telegram, and other messengers built on the sales funnel principle.

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