Success Pages: Creating Landing Pages for International Fintech Business, a Consulting Company From UK

Financial technology is an innovative industry that provides companies with a competitive advantage over traditional financial organizations. Drivefoxcopy Studio has regularly received orders for creating various articles about the fintech industry for over 5 years. But this time, we received an order for English-language landing pages for a company in the United Kingdom.

Meeting Representatives of the English FinTech Sector

In 2022, Qiuntex and Pearly Mount Consultants merged into a unified entity called International Fintech Business (IFB). Before this, the companies had been closely collaborating for a long period, so they decided to pool their resources, expertise, and knowledge. IFB is an international consulting company that assists entrepreneurs in the financial sector.

Following the merger of the two organizations, the quality of customer service improved, opening new opportunities for expanding services. The main areas of work included consulting, digital product development, sale of ready-made companies, licensing, and other support services for the growth of financial enterprises.

IFB’s mission is to become a reliable assistant for novice and experienced business people worldwide, scaling and digitizing their businesses.

What Prompted the Client to Seek Copywriters?

As a result of expanding and setting a goal to attract more clients, the company decided to reorganize its website and add pages for new services. They needed corresponding descriptions for these services.

In the search for copywriters specializing in the fintech industry, the client reached out to our studio. This marked the beginning of a productive collaboration, which brought us a lot of exciting work, and the client achieved the desired results. But let’s go through it all step by step.

Diversity of Services – Diversity of Texts

IFB offers a very wide range of services:

  • Accounting and auditing consultations
  • Assistance in purchasing ready-made financial institutions
  • Obtaining licenses in various jurisdictions
  • Company registration worldwide
  • Fintech startup development
  • Blockchain project implementation
  • Integration of advanced technologies into business, and more


Based on the list of services and the technical specifications, our team started working. We established a clear algorithm for writing texts to ensure that all landing pages were done in a consistent style. Three hired copywriters followed this process:

  • Study of basic information about the company
  • Research of similar services offered by competitors
  • Review of the technical specifications
  • Writing service descriptions
  • Creation of offers and call-to-action statements
  • Submission for editor review
  • Revisions as needed


Additionally, our team was tasked with adapting the texts on the homepage and the “About Us” section to align with IFB’s new direction.

Results of Our Collaboration with IFB

Our joint work on describing the new services lasted for four months, with breaks for further task clarifications. During this time, we created and delivered 15 landing pages, including the “Home” and “About Us” pages. Throughout the text-writing process, we delved into the intricacies of buying/selling foreign financial organizations, licensing, the jurisdictions of different countries, and the requirements for doing business abroad.

This was an informative and valuable experience, and we are delighted to have IFB as our client. In turn, the client noted our deep knowledge of the fintech industry, punctuality, attention to detail, and ability to follow technical specifications precisely.

The first batch of 15 landing pages is already on the company’s website. The client has achieved the desired results, as the new landing pages help attract customers. Our texts provide website visitors with clear and understandable information about the opportunities available to them through collaboration with IFB.

Where Did We Leave Off?

At the time of writing this text, the collaboration with the client was temporarily paused at their request. The reason behind this pause was to prepare technical specifications for the remaining services. Our team eagerly awaits IFB’s return to the list of Drivefoxcopy projects with the “In Progress” status.

Do you also provide consulting services? Content experts for sales in the financial industry at DriveFoxCopy can help you make a significant digital market presence, ensuring that you stand out. Feel free to contact us for a project assessment right away!


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