Copywriting in Ukraine: as a Business, as an Additional Source of Income, as a Separate Segment of the Economy

The Internet in Ukraine is actively developing, and now every small town has its own news site, and every business project or public organization is trying to cover its activities on the Internet. Also, Internet resources are used as separate business projects. There are online stores, resources for various trainings, etc. And all these sites require quality text content!

Ukraine has recently needed to create Ukrainian-language versions of its websites. And the simple use of the translation program does not allow to obtain high-quality texts for the Ukrainian version. Therefore, copywriting in Ukraine is becoming increasingly important. And demand generates supply – and now the market regulates prices for quality texts.

And demand generates supply – and now the market regulates prices for quality texts. For many members of the intelligentsia, copywriting in Ukraine is a constant additional source of income. Texts are written in their free time by teachers of philology, journalists, and just people who are able to master new topics in a short time and have literacy skills.

For people who want to order copywriting in Ukraine, such a large number of potential performers registered on various sites is both an advantage and a problem. The advantage is that competition for the customer reduces the price of the service. The problem is that it is quite difficult to find a good performer from dozens of people who respond to each ad a few hours after its appearance.

The result is effective structures such as the DriveFoxCopy copywriting studio. The founders of such a business select the best authors, if necessary, conduct trainings for them or give valuable guidance on text optimization. Such copywriting agencies in Ukraine have authors who are willing to write on highly specialized topics (technical, legal texts) and are fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, and sometimes other languages.

Copywriting for export

The Copywriting Ukraine brand is also in demand abroad. They are actively looking for Ukrainian performers from all countries where a large population speaks Russian (states that were once part of the Soviet Union). We are ready to cooperate with Ukrainian copywriters of business structures from countries where a significant part of gross income comes from the tourism industry. It could be Israel or Turkey. They are always ready to buy texts in order to demonstrate the advantages of their companies to Ukrainian consumers. Periodically, international brands, and producers of various goods, enter the territory of Ukraine. The local office usually prepares texts adapted to our consumers’ perceptions.

In some cases, thanks to the Internet, you can find clients for writing texts and philologists of foreign languages. Copywriting from Ukraine is high quality at a reasonable price, which has always attracted customers.

All experts agree that this segment of the business will gain more and more weight every year. To get really high-quality content, not to worry about the illiteracy of texts, you should make it a rule to cooperate with trusted and reliable copywriting studios in Ukraine. For example, one of the easiest ways would be to go to the site “” and get acquainted with the range of services, among which it is easy to find the one you need.

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