Selling Texts: What Are Their Advantages and Disadvantages for Business?

It often happens that online business begins to suffer from stagnation. What if contextual advertising does not work due to increased competition, and the site’s conversion rate does not exceed 1-2%? A good investment in this situation would be to write sales texts.

What are the benefits of commercial articles? And what are the disadvantages of such content? You will learn about this in the material from the copywriting studio

Benefits of Selling Texts


  1. Increase customer loyalty. The author of the selling text enters into the target audience’s trust. Then conveys the essence of the commercial offer and motivates the customer to action (order goods or services). A style of speech close to the audience is selected to achieve this goal. Additionally, the texts provide valuable information that solves the problems of site visitors.
  2. Long-term work. A good sales text can benefit a business for several years. Such an article will play the role of a seller, answering customer questions.
  3. Promotion of a commercial site. SEO articles with well-chosen key queries will help the site reach the top positions in search engines. Accordingly, customers will likely respond more to your unique sales offer.
  4. Create bright slogans. Advertising slogans become a part of selling texts. They also increase brand awareness. And at the expense of recognition, the loyalty of the target audience to the brand increases.
  5. Call to action. Writing sales text always involves creating a vivid call to buy a product. This is what the article is for. The call to action targets a specific audience and forces customers to take the proper business steps when visiting the site.

Many business owners ignore selling articles; meanwhile, competitors use such a marketing tool and quickly promote their companies on the Internet.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ordering Sales Texts?

The cost of author services of high-quality commercial articles often exceeds the cost of developing a small site. This can be seen as a disadvantage by business owners. But keep in mind that a low price usually means low-quality content.

Another disadvantage is the timing. Creating a series of selling texts takes weeks. This is seen as a minus for business owners who want to get everything here and now.

Achieving business goals does not always depend on the results of the author’s work of the selling text. Even a flawless commercial article may not work in some cases. The reason is the loss of relevance of goods and services for the target audience.

Need quality selling texts for the site? Contact the copywriting studio. And we will prepare for you commercial articles that will help you increase the number of orders for goods and services.

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