SEO-Trends: Rules for Writing Optimized Texts in 2021

Competent optimization is a powerful tool for site development. Writing SEO texts is part of a set of work on internal optimization, which aims to adapt the web resource’s content to the requirements of search engines. The difficulty is that the principles are constantly changing, and the promotion methods used in the past have become ineffective. What to expect in 2021?

SEO-Copywriting Trends: How to Stay in the TOP

  1. Adaptation of texts for people

Quality content written in a language understandable to the average user remains the first and foremost factor in promotion. A few years ago, the “dry,” conservative presentation style was valued in writing SEO texts. Still, theequirements have changed: readers prefer live content that engages in communication and offers to take a survey or vote.

The article “for people” – relevant to keywords, phraand ses, closes the “pain” of the user: going to the site for “buy,” it should find on the page product catalog, a list of services, not just an article with a dozen keywords. Gone are the days when the leading positions were occupied by articles in the category “buy cheap windows Kyiv” search engines, and readers have become more demanding of the site’s content.

      2. Writing expert SEO-texts

Good content, in the understanding of Google – expert, authoritative, trustworthy, created on the principle of evaluating the quality of E-A-T (in 2019, it became part of the concept of quality).

According to EAT rules, the author must have knowledge and skills in the subject area: only medical staff can write about treating diseases or copywriter with medical education about law – lawyer. Ensure the site has a reputation as an authoritative source of information; for example, if a law firm publishes an article about changes in the law, then the material is credible. We recommend that you consider both infotainment and news content: publish complete, accurate, truthful data and refer to reliable, verified sources.

     3. Voice Search Optimization

To become a leader in issuance in 2021, you need to adapt the writing of not only SEO but also information, selling texts for new features. One of them is voice search: almost 30% of mobile users search online by voice. This trend is expected to become even more popular.

To get the traffic you want, entrust the content to a copywriter who will make it “speak”: write high-frequency queries in the headings and subheadings, starting with the words “how,” “what,” and “where.” If you move in 2-3 directions, optimize articles on the topics that people are looking for “on the go”: the company’s schedule, online phone store, the latest news in the country and the world, announcements of events, tips on use.

    4. Answers to popular TA questions

When writing various SEO articles and texts for online stores, it is essential to be able to stand out from the competition. A surefire way to find a new audience is to get quick answers. First of all, determine which queries competitors use to bring the snippet to zero position in Google. Then choose topics for articles that are informative for your audience. When creating content, you must follow three rules: structure, high quality, relevance to the main query, and thematic phrases. To speed up getting to the answer block, add an FAQ block to your site with ways to solve customer problems, adding gifs, photos, and videos.

It is not enough to get acquainted with the recommendations for writing high-quality SEO texts; you need to find a specialist who can perform them 100%. By cooperating with our studio today, you will achieve high traffic and wide online recognition in a few months. And all thanks to expert, optimized content adapted to the interests of the audience and the requirements of search engines.

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