About IT and Beyond: How Happy We Were to Write Content for the Development Company Lampa Software

The versatility of a modern tech team’s expertise is admirable. A good example of this is the software development company Lampa Software. It is one of those clients with whom it is a pleasure to work, regardless of the type of project, complexity, etc.

Like most IT companies, Lampa Software had difficulty positioning itself in its target market. Precisely, with the ranking in search results. The desire to attract more traffic to the site brought business representatives to us. 

Looking ahead, we completed the project successfully, but as it turned out, it was only the beginning of a long cooperation.

Who is our customer?

Lampa Software is a Ukrainian IT company based in Vinnytsia. The scope of its services is limited only by the imagination of digital product customers. Moreover, the company’s activities cover all popular industries:

  • trade;
  • healthcare;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • services;
  • streaming and multimedia;
  • jurisprudence;
  • agricultural industry;
  • real estate;
  • blockchain;
  • finance;
  • startups.

Experts create mobile and web apps, websites, PWAs, SPAs, corporate systems (ERP, CRM, WMS, etc.), and marketplaces for each niche. Accordingly, all of this needs to be correctly presented to the target audience by filling the web resource with relevant content in English. 

Creating text materials for Lampa Software was the starting point of our fruitful cooperation, which continues to this day.

How did the cooperation begin?

September 2022 was full of new projects for DriveFoxCopy. The largest of them, as it turned out later, was the cooperation with Lampa Software.

We fulfilled the first orders in a test mode. These were complex landing pages for the company’s future website, which was being actively developed then. Were there any edits and discussions about the content? Of course. The customer paid special attention to technical nuances that had to be transferred accurately.

In just a week, we made about 10 materials of various sizes for several website service pages. After thorough proofreading by the editor and some changes at the client’s initiative, we successfully closed the project. As it turned out, it was not the last one.

How did we accomplish the tasks?

First, we analyzed the company and its features. We talked to Lampa Software experts, learned about their approach to work, tech stack, methodologies, etc. This background should have been enough for us to develop content. And it was, but only at the initial stages.

After the volume of orders increased, we switched to almost non-stop text creation. We wrote materials simultaneously for:

  • service pages;
  • blog;
  • external publications.

We also optimized the existing content, updating information and factual information.

At the beginning of 2023, we received several interesting orders to create cases: a case and an anti-case. This experience has become one of the most exciting over the past year.

An anti-case is usually a description of a negative situation in a positive way. In our case, the idea was to present the problems of using the framework and methods of mitigating them in certain situations. We requested additional information to fully disclose the topic, and Lampa Software representatives promptly provided it to us. We successfully completed the task on time.

What results did we achieve?

The cooperation is ongoing, so it is too early to summarize it. As of spring 2023, we have created for Lampa Software:

  • text content for almost all service pages;
  • a comprehensive content plan and materials for blog posts;
  • several articles for external placement;
  • case studies about the company’s activities.

The new Lampa Software website has already published some creatives with an SEO component. As the web resource is modernized, its content will also increase, generating new traffic, i.e., attracting potential customers. 

We monitor the situation and add new content in time that will positively affect Lampa Software’s scaling.


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