Simple talks on complex matters, or how we made cryptocurrency trading much more clear with content for the GDC Trade platform

What associations does the word “cryptocurrency” evoke for you? A trendy fad? – Perhaps. Risk? – Definitely. A field that’s challenging but essential to understand? – Absolutely 100%. These thoughts crossed the DriveFoxCopy team’s collective mind when a new client approached us, specializing in digital asset trading.

We took on this project without hesitation, as it was a genuine challenge. For us, such a concept is synonymous with excitement, new goals and achievements.

To say it was difficult would be an understatement. Hours of research preceded the writing of the required texts. Grid trading, Smart deals, and copy trading were just a small part of what our copywriters had to delve into. However, let’s go through it all step by step.

The Beginning of Collaboration

When a new client came to us in early 2023, operating in virtual assets, we couldn’t even anticipate that this project would be both exciting and intricate. We had previous experience writing articles about cryptocurrencies, so we mistakenly believed that we wouldn’t discover anything new for ourselves.

The task for our studio’s copywriters was to create detailed guides on using the platform’s key features for crypto trading. It’s logical that one must deeply grasp the subject matter to educate others. And so our work on the project began with studying the intricacies of the platform and cryptocurrency trading itself.

GDC Trade – it’s…

… the best toolkit for cryptocurrency trading. Minimizing risks in an arena where these risks are more than abundant. And on top of that, they’re clients of DriveFoxCopy. Yes, let’s get acquainted – this is precisely the company that will be the focus of this case.

Representatives from GDC Trade reached out to our copywriting studio in January 2023. At that time, they were developing a platform designed for crypto trading – trading virtual currency, which involves profiting from speculating on changes in cryptocurrency prices.

The platform offers its users various capabilities that contribute to successful trading. Among them:

  • Smart deals
  • Grid trading
  • Copy trading
  • Trading statistics

The company places a strong emphasis on customer security, process automation, and user support. We’re impressed by this approach to work, which is why collaborating with GDC Trade was mutually beneficial and enjoyable.

How We Conquered the Cryptocurrency Industry

The work of DriveFoxCopy’s copywriters on this project went through several stages:

Stage #1. Delving into the intricacies of virtual currency trading. 

We’re accustomed to understanding what we write about, so we spent considerable time acquainting ourselves with terminology, trading strategies, and popular tools.

Stage #2. Familiarizing ourselves with the platform’s capabilities.

Now that we had the theoretical foundation for content preparation, it was time to acquaint ourselves with the platform. Here, theory wasn’t enough; our staff literally “felt out” of the resource’s functionalities.

Stage #3. Writing guides.

We began crafting the materials by drawing from our own knowledge and experience and information from the client. We’ll reiterate it was challenging, but we succeeded – because that’s exactly how you can interpret the fact that our texts are featured in the relevant sections of the website.

It’s worth noting that three copywriters participated in the project, one of them was English-speaking. The necessary materials were prepared within two days and sent to the client. After minor revisions, all texts were approved.

Results of the Project

During our collaboration with GDC Trade, our studio’s copywriters prepared 5 materials, three of which are detailed guides on using the platform’s tools, while the remaining two concern registration and setup on the platform.

GDC Trade is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform, and we’re glad to have contributed to its success!

Future Plans

You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions, user guides, and an actively updated blog on the platform. Considering our interest in this topic and the successful completion of the project, we hope for continued collaboration with the client. Whether our hopes are realized, time will tell.

Are you also involved in the cryptocurrency, NFT, or trading industry? Reach out to DriveFoxCopy’s copywriting studio for content enrichment. We’ll leverage our knowledge and skills in this field to swiftly prepare truly expert material.

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