What Really Sells: How We Created Case Studies and Expert Articles for the Blog of the IT Company Perfsol

Since our copywriting studio specializes in IT topics, collaborating with the software developer, Perfsol, proved interesting and mutually beneficial. The company’s representatives requested to write several cases for their portfolio, but little did we know it was just the beginning of our long-term partnership.


Due to the highly competitive nature of the digital product development industry, the management at Perfsol aimed to position their company in the market and promote it through high-quality English content. We successfully accomplished all the assigned tasks. Let’s now delve into how we managed to achieve this.

Who is our client?

Perfsol provides its customers with a full range of custom software development services. They adhere to high standards in their work, guaranteeing the creation of a full-fledged custom digital solution and considering the customer’s wishes.

Perfsol’s clients include companies operating in various fields:

  • Fintech
  • Healthcare
  • Video streaming
  • Restaurant business
  • Social media

Perfsol IT specialists are true experts in software for the industries mentioned above. The team has extensive experience developing mobile and web apps and programs for Smart TV, specializing in UI/UX design and providing initial research services.

How did our collaboration begin?

Perfsol and DriveFoxCopy started working together by writing three English-language cases that described the company’s experience working on an audio library, a website for account promotion, and a dashboard for setting up social media advertising campaigns. 

Our team took on the first order in a trial mode, understanding that our collaboration would continue if we successfully completed it.

We immediately got to work after receiving the detailed technical specifications with clearly defined requirements. We accomplished the assigned task, which involved writing materials and having them proofread by an editor in just over one workday.

The client’s review of the texts also took a little time. The next day after delivering the finished cases, we received positive feedback on our work and confirmation of their intention to continue working together.

How did we achieve our goals?

After approving the first three cases, the client gave us two more similar orders. But later, they decided not to limit themselves to this format of materials.

Our studio team was writing IT-related materials for the company’s blog, and after a few months of collaboration, we were tasked with preparing content for external publication.

We also worked on filling other pages of the company’s website. Specifically, we wrote content for a section dedicated to Perfsol’s industry expertise.

Throughout our history of collaboration, we encountered some unconventional tasks as well. For instance, we were assigned the transcription of a charity livestream featuring the company’s founder and another IT technology expert. This experience was exciting and enlightening, and we informed the client that we were ready to take on similar tasks again.

What results did we achieve?

Currently, the Perfsol website is filled with high-quality materials attracting more traffic and, consequently, potential clients.

During our collaboration, we have:

  • Worked on articles for the company’s blog and external publications.
  • Prepared materials describing the client’s team expertise.
  • Completed a transcription task.

In total, we have created around 20 texts of various purposes for Perfsol, and we are looking forward to new interesting projects from this client.

Do you also have an IT business with narrow industry expertise? Do you need live, meaningful, and at the same time understandable content for the target audience? The authors of DriveFoxCopy will write cases and expert articles on the blog precisely under the TOV of your company. Apply for a consultation right now!

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