What Really Sells: How We Created Case Studies and Expert Articles for the Blog of the IT Company Perfsol

Software development often appears as something complex, dull, and routine. Endless lines of code, seemingly entangled in a mysterious way, miraculously transform into a fully-fledged software product. How can one write about such a thing in an interesting way?

At DriveFoxCopy, we didn’t shy away from taking on the responsibility of dispelling this myth. In our work on the Perfsol project, we blended a creative approach with the precision of the IT sphere. We invite you to see what we’ve achieved.

The Client, “Who Cares”

For the DriveFoxCopy team, writing content for IT companies is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of our primary areas of expertise. Agile, DevOps, Scrum, CI/CD… Many new words have become common for our copywriters and an editor. So, when a new client specializing in software development approached us, we didn’t hesitate to take on a trial task.

Thus, our extensive list of clients in the field of information technology was enriched with the name Perfsol. The company is a provider of comprehensive digital solutions with expertise in the fintech, healthcare, video streaming, restaurant, and social media industries.

For the Perfsol team, all it takes to embark on an IT project is a cool idea for a new product; they handle everything else. They excel at finding a creative approach to solving any task and eagerly bring projects to life from scratch:

  • They perform prototyping.
  • They create super creative user interface designs.
  • They conduct effective application testing.
  • As a result, they provide the client with a mobile or web solution ready for the market.


“It’s a partner you can rely on,” say their clients. This is exactly what the DriveFoxCopy team decided to become for Perfsol.

The First Step… is Not the Hardest

So, we received a test task from a new client and immediately got to work. Our mission was to fill the client’s portfolio, specifically, to write a case study about Perfsol’s successful work on one of their projects – a dashboard for configuring social media advertising campaigns.

Clear requirements for the text, maximum information about the company and the software product, and, of course, experience in writing technical materials — all of this allowed our copywriter to tackle the task and earn a loyal client for DriveFoxCopy.

What’s Next?

Considering the successful completion of the test assignment, DriveFoxCopy and Perfsol continued collaboration. Next, we were entrusted with writing five more case studies, and we didn’t disappoint. The texts turned out to be rich and engaging.

We achieved this thanks to the unique features of the software products we wrote about. Imagine you want to listen to Ukrainian folk music and decide to visit a specialized website, but instead of a dull playlist, you encounter a true world of national culture. Specific motifs in the UI design, animated elements vividly representing the Ukrainian way of life, and music – melodic, lively, cheerful, and melancholic, but all so familiar and dear.


The same vibrant emotions were stirred within us when writing the rest of the case studies—each digital solution created by Perfsol found a place in our copywriters’ hearts.

After completing the work on the case studies, we also wrote several English-language articles for the company’s blog and external publications. The icing on the cake for us was an order to transcribe a charity livestream featuring the company’s founder and another IT technology expert.

So, where did all our efforts lead us?

Our Joint Achievements

Everyone put in their best effort on the Perfsol project. The company’s developers created high-quality software; the SEO specialist prepared well-structured ToRs for the copywriters; and the DriveFoxCopy team crafted unique texts. Here’s what came out of this fruitful collaboration:

  • Optimized articles for search ranking allowed the company’s website to reach the first page of Google search results.
  • The company’s blog was enriched with expert articles, enhancing customers’ trust in Perfsol’s developers and helping them decide on the services they need.

The regular appearance of new positive reviews about the company on Clutch also speaks to an increase in satisfied customers.

As for our results, we can proudly declare that we’ve accomplished a tremendous amount of work. Cases, expert IT articles, materials for external resources, transcription of the live stream—all of this has provided us with the most valuable assets in our practice: experience and additional knowledge in our closely related industry.

In total, we created about 20 texts for various purposes for Perfsol. Although our collaboration is currently on hold, we eagerly await new exciting projects from this client.

Do you also have an IT business with narrow industry expertise? Do you need live, meaningful, and at the same time understandable content for the target audience? The authors of DriveFoxCopy will write cases and expert articles on the blog precisely under the TOV of your company. Apply for a consultation right now!

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