How to Order Text for the Site and Stay Satisfied With the Quality?

Quality content is the basis of any website and an influential online promotion factor. You may also need to order text for an email newsletter and fill in social network profiles. A copywriter, full-time or remote, does this. Since 73% of companies prefer to work with third-party content professionals, we recommend following their example. How to get good text in just two steps?

Choosing the Right Specialist Is the Key to Success

Short and honest analysis of resources for finding copywriters:

  • Labor Exchange. It acts as an intermediary between the employer and the employee but does not guarantee fruitful cooperation. You can order texts cheaply and crossly on the site. But do you want to get a work of questionable quality for minimal cost? You have to pay a commission, which is not profitable given that 9 out of 10 copywriters of the exchange are newcomers.
  • Article Stores. They offer ready-made orders on various topics. All would be well, but… You buy texts blindly, not being able to read them thoroughly, and the author’s 100% uniqueness does not mean that the information used is useful, engaging, and relevant. If you decide to order a “shop” text, be prepared for its complete editing because it is not written according to the parameters you set but according to the vision of an unknown copywriter.
  • Job Search Sites. They are one step higher; it is more realistic to find a knowledgeable specialist with the help of a resume. But it will not be possible to get acquainted with the rating and feedback of satisfied or not-very-satisfied customers. At the same time, there is a risk that the executor finds a job, forgetting to switch the resume into stealth mode.
  • Content Studios. Where to go if freelance search sites have significant shortcomings? You always have studios where authors get after strict selection. You can choose a specialist who writes exclusively on IT, medicine, economics, and construction to order thematic texts. The apparent advantage of such cooperation is formalizing relations by concluding an agreement and specifying the terms, costs, and other essential conditions for providing services.

Of course, agencies’ services are more expensive than finding employees on freelance exchanges, forums, and social networks. However, this is more convenient because managers will do everything themselves: from selecting copywriters for thematic projects to building a content strategy. Judging by the feedback from customers who once decided to order texts at Drivefoxcopy, the quality fully justifies the cost.

Detailed TOR for a Copywriter – Already 90% Of the Work

Suppose you found a copywriting agency. It’s time to prepare for the first “meeting” with the executor.

Think about the project’s requirements:

  • Target Audience. Explain for which TA is the project: gender, age, financial status, the field of activity, and interests. It will help the copywriter adapt to a specific writing style and gather “correct” information.
  • Place of Publication. Show where the text will be placed: blog, section “About us” or “Services,” product card… Send a link to the publication page.
  • Structure and Uniqueness. Specify the scope of the article, design elements (tables, lists, quotes, blocks, illustrations, infographics), and the percentage of anti-plagiarism. It is unnecessary, but by deciding to order a text in the studio, you will get a well-structured and 100% unique article.
  • Terms of Delivery. Specify a deadline, leaving a few days in stock to check the finished material.

By concluding a contract with a copywriting studio, you will avoid problems that could arise when working with a freelancer (difficulties with communications, organization of the working day, mutual settlements) and, simultaneously, will be satisfied with the quality of services.

Cooperation with DriveFoxCopy will leave only the best impressions of the process and the quality of the finished work. Contact us for a consultation right now!

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