How We Wrote Articles on Print on Demаnd for the Multiprogramming Blog


Writing themed blog articles plays an essential role in attracting an audience and increasing brand loyalty. However, not every company can handle this task on its own due to the lack of experience in content creation and optimization. This was the reason why the Multiprogramming team came to us. We worked enthusiastically, completed the first article, and concluded a long-term partnership. In 4 months of work, we created more than 15 informative articles, which gave impressive results. 

Who Is Our Client?

Multiprogramming (Podza Commerce) is a company that automates Print on Demand and Dropshipping. The team collaborates with B2B e-commerce representatives. At the moment, two business solutions are offered: 

  • PodZa: a set of intelligent features and tools for managing PoD services. From product registration to margin calculation and order fulfillment. 
  • DropZa: a solution that optimizes interaction with suppliers. A simple way to centralize offers from suppliers coming from different sources.

As you can see, the company’s activity is connected exclusively to the sphere of e-commerce. It means that all the materials published on the blog should be thematic and, very importantly, expert, with a deep dive into the industry.

What Tasks Did the Client Set Us?

The client contacted us in early October 2021. He was interested in filling the blog with high-quality English-language articles on the specifics of PoD business. 

Thus, we were delegated the following tasks:

  • Creating 3-4 articles per month in English for publication in the blog on the company’s official website.
  • Optimization of articles following the requirements of search engines: volume, structure, keywords, phrases, etc.

Our responsibilities included all related checks (uniqueness – at least 95%, SEO parameters, readability) and proofreading texts with an English-speaking editor. It was essential to the client that the articles be submitted on time since he planned to check them before publication personally.

How Did We Get the Work Done?

A team of three specialists got to work: a copywriter with experience writing articles in the e-commerce direction, an editor, and a manager responsible for communicating with the client. The first article was written in one day. The customer was satisfied with the result and provided us with two more TORs to complete by the end of October. From then on, we received 3-4 tasks a month.

In 4 months, we created and optimized 15+ materials for the blog:

  • Informative articles on the benefits of starting a PoD business, choosing methods, materials, and equipment.
  • Analytical articles on the state of the PoD industry, taxes in the US and Europe, etc.
  • Step-by-step guides and tips for those who want to start their own print business and promote their services.
  • Reviews of stores that have succeeded in this area, as well as the best service providers.

In each material, emphasis was placed on the company’s experience in the industry. The copywriters took into account all the key parameters for the quality of articles for the blog: literacy, uniqueness, optimization, relevance, and value for the target audience (e-commerce representatives).

What Results Did We Get?

We submitted 3-4 articles each month, which the client carefully proofread and published on the blog. All materials were accepted without comments or even additions. After the company moved to a new website, we adapted to the changes and continued cooperating at the same pace.

Thanks to the regular content of the thematic blog, it was possible to attract an interested audience. Some of the readers subsequently became the company’s regular clients, which contributed to the growth of profits.

In order to optimize work with increasing workload, the company hired an in-house copywriter, which was the end of our cooperation. But we remained in warm relations and even receive good recommendations from the old customer, which indicates a positive impression of the work. Overall, our and the client’s teams received a valuable and, notably, pleasant long-term cooperation experience. 

Do you also work in e-commerce and B2B sales? We can help your business present its services to customers in a new way. Contact us for quality and expert content!

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