Specialized Posts for the Fintech Company RNDpoint: CEO-Focused Content That Truly Sells

The field of software development is highly specific and complex. An author must deeply understand the subject matter to create expert and informative content for an IT company. Since our copywriting studio specializes in writing technical texts and financial instruments, our collaboration with RNDpoint has been highly fruitful.

Who Is Our Client?

Since 2014, RNDpoint has been assisting fintech startups and banks in automating their operations by implementing cutting-edge software. Clients turn to the company to develop and integrate custom digital solutions with existing platforms.

Their story began when a group of highly skilled engineers with experience in the financial sector decided to combine their knowledge. The result was the creation of RNDpoint, which today consists of 250+ experienced developers with offices in Europe and the United States.

How Did Our Collaboration Begin?

The client approached us in  2021. According to them, they chose our copywriting studio specifically for the expertise of our authors in writing technical texts. We explored the project and the client’s requirements, and the work on website content began.

The first order we fulfilled for RNDpoint was a series of articles for outreach purposes. These articles were needed to naturally promote the company’s experts and services while maintaining a subtle and non-intrusive approach. This particular aspect of the order played in our favor – it was very interesting to write persuasive and informative text. Therefore, the author completed the assigned task with quality and within the established deadline.

After a few revisions, the client approved the materials and decided to continue the collaboration.

What Tasks Did We Have Ahead of Us?

After successfully completing the first assignment, we received several more orders for creating service landing pages and writing blog articles for the company’s website.

Working with RNDpoint is always comfortable. 

We receive clear and concise technical briefs from the client, making the texts accepted with minimal comments and revisions. Among other things, we have written texts for the company on the following topics:

  • E-wallets
  • Payment systems and gateways
  • FinTech market trends
  • NEO-banks
  • Specialized software development

After successfully delivering all the materials – and we have already written over 10, including the landing page – our team received another order from RNDpoint. It involved writing two landing pages for the company’s integration services.

Like the previous content, the texts were written in English and fully aligned with the technical brief and the client’s preferences.

What Results Did We Achieve?

The collaboration between RNDpoint and DriveFoxCopy has been mutually beneficial. The client received high-quality content for their website from our copywriting studio, which attracted traffic to their platform and helped increase the number of company clients.

We gained valuable experience working with a fintech company, allowing us to delve deeper into this field and enhance our expertise in the software development industry.

Our studio is continuing to work on content for the company’s blog. The RNDpoint team plans to maintain their collaboration with DriveFoxCopy, ordering texts in the desired format: landing pages, expert articles, and informative materials.

Does your company also specialize in technical services for financial companies and organizations? We can convincingly and effectively communicate to your audience to trust your experts. Feel free to reach out for a project consultation right now!

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